10 Jan 2011

Lush valentine goodies

I just found out that Lush have their valentine range online.  I've just instructed the boy to buy...

The frog prince - a cutesy bath bomb with  jasmine, neroli and rosewood 

and magic mushroom strawberries and cream bubble bar

I think the mushroom was out last year but I missed it, so he'd better hurry up and buy it!


  1. Haha, the froggy looks too cute to put in the bath!

    Make sure you give him a kiss before you do... you never know! ;-D


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  2. Ooooooh i like the look of the frog- I'm a sucker for novelty shaped things!

    Yes, the mushrooms were out last year and were tres nice :) xxxxxx

  3. That frog is too cute!!! Gorgeous!

    Great post!
    Zoe x


  4. Thanks for your comments ladies, I love to know someone's reading!


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