24 Jan 2011

My first attempt at ombre nails using Nails Inc

After recently realising I have five beige type nail polishes, I decided to try an ombre manicure.  From what I've read on other blogs, the true way to do this is by taking two different hues of the same shade, one dark and one lighter and mixing them so that you have five graduating shades to paint each nail.  Instead, I used one each of the five colours.

Here are the colours I used.  In the bottles, it seemed like this would work.

L - R - Jermyn Street, Old Church Street, Mink, London, Caramel

However on my nails, it's clear that some are just too similar and you can't really tell they're different colours, and that (especially in day light) Jermyn Street on my thumb is too dark for the other colours.  It was also hard to decide the order to use them in as they're not just lighter or darker than each other, they're also warmer or cooler.

Ah well, it was a fun experiment!  Maybe I'll try this the proper way another time.


  1. Ooh I like some of these colours -I've just seem a really nice half moon mani in a similar sort of colour with a black half moon. Looked gorge!

  2. love the colours!


  3. All these colours are gorgeous! And your nails are a really nice shape!
    Zoe x
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  4. Aw thanks for the lovely comments you lot x

  5. oooh really loving the taupe colours xx Im addicted to these xx
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  6. Great swatches, this has really helped me out x


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