4 Jan 2011

Only two more days to enter my giveaway!

If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, please do!  It's a mystery giveaway containing some lovely gift wrapped surprise goodies and there's only two days left to enter.

There will be two winners - one will be a blogger follower and one will be a twitter follower.  For all  the details and to enter, please visit the giveaway post here - http://flutterandsparkle.blogspot.com/2010/12/christmas-new-year-giveaway-wooo.html

Good luck! x

My blog has changed name from realfourteen to flutter and sparkle 

If you're already following, your sub will have updated to the new name, but the URL will be wrong, so you might not see my posts in your reading list (and that makes me sad). 

To fix this, please click follow again. You won't be following me twice or following two blogs, your sub will just update to the new URL - schimples. 

Sorry, for being a trouble maker, but I really wanted to change the name!

Thanks for reading and following, Gem xx 

1 comment

  1. Cute blog!
    I'm now following, hope you can do the same :)



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