12 Jan 2011

Oops, some naughty January purchases

I only bought a couple of bits.. I missed out on a camel dress on eBay and just needed something camel in my life!  I sold a few things on eBay and did a bit of refunding so I've clawed back a little bit of cash before pay day.

I had a little browse on the New Look website and couldn't resist this dress - feeding my lust for camel whilst also ticking off a peter pan collar with a bit of leopard thrown in for good measure can't be bad right?  I had a little further browse and accidentally added a cardigan (also camel...) and the cutest earrings.  Their description is 'chubby owl' - too cute =)

It's not too bad as it was only £31.12 in total. I had to pay delivery but I found a 20% discount code.  If anyone's interested it's BH57JY and should be valid until the end of the month.

I'll go back to being good and saving the pennies now.


  1. OHhh the owl earrings are adorable! ^_^ I'm selling a new owl necklace and many dresses if you're interested on my blog. I shouldn't be influencing you to buy more! lol ^_^'


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