30 Jan 2011

Pay day asos haul =)

It felt like the spending drought dragged for months, but finally the first pay-day after Christmas was here, and I celebrated in the traditional way but getting my asos shopping freak on.

Some of this is bound not to look right on and will need to go back, which is just as well, because I spent a lot more than I intended.  The excitement of having money in my account went a little to my head.

You'll notice that I have two dresses in a fox type colour.  I originally wanted the one with the collar but it was sold out, so I got the other one.  Then when I innocently went back on to fill up my "save for later" with £1,000 worth of items in case I win their competition, I spotted the fox with collar was back in stock, as was the mouse ring I've been trying to order for weeks, so a second mini order had to be placed.  The fox with the collar is my favourite, but it might be a bit short - hopefully one of them will look nice as I really like the colour.

Also the bow dress may look familiar - I bought this in the Christmas sale but it was too tight and this time round they had a bigger size, so I'm giving it another try.

I heart asos so much, can you tell?!


  1. I love the blue dress and the mouse ring...I was contemplating getting that ring!

  2. Wow some great items there.I adore the blue dress.

  3. Wow, that really is a payday haul! Good ol' ASOS :)

    Some lovely things there - I look forward to seeing/reading more about them when they're in your possession..


  4. Such a good haul! The two fox colour dresses are gorgeous, I love the mouse ring :)

  5. I'm having a browse on their too ;), love the blue dress x

  6. I love asos! The purple dress is my favourite :)

  7. Thanks! Can't wait for it all to arrive. Sadly I've had an email telling me two of the dresses are actually out of stock even though I was able to order them =(

    Alex & Gemx - if you want the mouse ring be quick! It keeps going out of stock!

  8. Gorgeous dresses, great picks! x

  9. did you buy them all? Im way jealous i want every single on ex

  10. I love 1, 3 and 6. Great choices! xx

  11. My favourite's the fox colour with the collar.
    Only just discovered your blog, love it :)
    Now following xx

  12. i love the first dress!! The colour is so cute

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