1 Jan 2011

Sale shopping bargains / stuff I didn't really need...

Here are some pics of stuff I picked up at the sales. I also did a couple of online orders, but nothing from those has arrived yet.

These are the amazing shoes I picked up at the Next sale - these really made it worth getting up at 3.45am... just.

These are my favourite, so they deserve their own pic.  I'd lusted after these pre-sale, but I was never going to buy them for £70, but for £30 I couldn't say no, even if I'm not sure I could walk more than a metre in them =)

I came across this belt when taking the photos, it was bought from H&M before the sales but it was still only £7.99.  I love bling and bows, so had to have these.  I'm going to wear it with dark coloured dresses to add interest.

Back to Next...  My photography skills have still not improved... although looking a little dodge here, this jacket is fabulous on and I'm so pleased I got it as I was doing a bit of an unsure basket dance.  It was down to £20 and I'll be wearing it causally with Jeans as well as for work with skirts and dresses.

This furry little creature isn't a gremlin, it's a doorstop!  I have a door in my house that I like to always leave open but it won't stay that way.  Up until now it was propped open with a spirit level... very modernist chic I know, but now it has a lovely little fluffball instead.  This was down from £12 to £3, woop!

These are the bits I picked up in the home department.  I got two of the silver glitter and the lacey frame as I knew where I wanted to put them in my house and thought they would look good as a pair.  I only got one of the floral print as it's for my living room and I already have lots of frames in there and now a hamster cage too, so display space is getting limited!

Here are two necklaces I picked up which I thought were really pretty.  I got two of each of these and will give the other pair to my bestie for her birthday.

Taking of the bestie, as her birthday is in January, I always get her presents in the sales.  This means she always gets loads of presents from me as I still spend the same amount of money, she just gets more because most things are half price.  I got her two photo frames and a vase from Next.  I'm sure the turquoise photo frame will go well in her living room and the pink one in her bedroom.  I'm not sure where she'll put the vase but I thought it was really pretty.  If I see something I think she'll like more I might keep the vase for myself as I really like it and am regretting not getting two!  Also in this pic there's a me to you bear make-up bag from M&S (she loves me to you bears), a clutch bag from Accessorize and the SJP NYC perfume which I think smells lovely and was a bargain at around £11 from Debenhams.

Here's a close up of the gorgeous clutch bag.  I'm really hoping she'll love this.  We have really similar tastes and I love it to pieces but would never fit all my junk in it.  She's less of a hoarder and nutter than me, so she'd be able to cope just going out with money and lipgloss in there!  I think this was originally £35 down to £17.50 and it's from Accessorize.

And finally my Boots haul.  I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't more to be had from Boots, but it was open on Boxing Day and I didn't go in until the day after.  I got the St Tropez mousse gift set for Christmas from my Mum - they didn't have any of those in the sale but they did have these other two kits which I thought I'd snap up as I really do look so much better with a tan and want to put more effort into being bronze!  I also snapped up the Ferne lip kits in red and purple.  I'm not sure on the purple but will give it ago.  I got the nude colour one for Christmas and that wasn't in the sale, so it must have been the most popular.  They had the pink one too but I decided I didn't like the look of it.  Also here is a FCUK giftset which was £9 - I definately didn't need this but I like the make-up bag and it contained a body spray which I have already and I really like the fragrance.

I also got some underwear all half price from M&S.  I still have some Next and ASOS stuff to be delivered, those were mainly sale clothes purchases.  I literally have none of my January pay left now so I've resorted to putting stuff on eBay!  

My blog has changed name from realfourteen to flutter and sparkle

If you're already following, your sub will have updated to the new name, but the URL will be wrong, so you might not see my posts in your reading list (and that makes me sad). 

To fix this, please click follow again.  You won't be following me twice or following two blogs, your sub will just update to the new URL - schimples. 

Sorry, for being a trouble maker, but I really wanted to change the name!

Thanks for reading and following, Gem xx



  1. Some fab bargains, love the blazer!

  2. Super cute blazer! Love the nude shoes.


  3. You got so many good things! I love the shoe boots and I really want that doorstop haha; £3 is such a good price! I have a few friends with January birthdays so I'm thankful that there's sales! I'm still waiting for my ASOS order too :) but they're taking way too long!! x

  4. Amazing haul! I'm really impressed. I got the St Tropez set in the sale too -love that it comes with a ceramic bowl!

    Lauren Loves...

  5. That doorstop is too cute! And ou got some nice shoes!

  6. Love those shoes esp the one in the solo photo and the nude heels they are gorgeous.

    I love the necklaces and all the home things.

    I love St Tropez too.



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