25 Feb 2011

It's the little things

It's the little things that make me happy 

Cute keyrings on my keys

My dwarf hamster - Stitch 

My blinging iphone cover (that's stitch from Disney's Lilo and Stitch if you're wondering)

Japenese kawaii inspired lunch boxes

My kitsch cupcake cookie jar

Desk critters

My cookbook collection

Photos of family and friends, postcards and fun magnets on the fridge

The collection of tiny Stitches on the shelf going down the stairs

My lush stash

Opening the Lush stash and having a good sniff!

Candles so pretty I'll probably never burn them

Beautiful perfume bottles 

Surrounding myself with cute and pretty things always cheers me up =)

24 Feb 2011

My favourite jewellery

I've noticed that I go through real phases with my jewellery and tend to have favourite pieces that I wear all the time until I get something new that takes me in another direction.  

I hardly ever used to wear gold, even in costume jewellery until I got my watch.  Since then I've tend to gravitate towards other gold pieces to add to my collection.

I got this gold sideways cross necklace in the summer after I saw it on Taylor in The Rachel Zoe Project and then on Lollipop26.  I've worn this so much since I got it and always get asked about why it's sideways or where I got it from.

Cheap, plastic, pink and bow-shaped, what's not to love?

I asked my boyfriend to get me this scrabble necklace when he wanted to know something I wanted for Valentine's day.  It was only cheap and I can tell it's not going to last very long, but I like it for now.  I ummed and arred over whether I wanted a scrabble necklace as I wasn't sure it was very 'me'.  Once I saw this one with the little pink flower I decided it had just the right touch of prettiness about it.  The BF thinks it's funny that is has G2 on it and keeps calling me a "like a G6". 

I've also noticed I get attracted to cute animal jewellery lately too.  The mouse ring is the most impractical ring ever as the tail catches on everything, but I like its quirkiness.  My brother asked me why I had a rat on my finger...

I love my chubby owl earrings so much that I'm planning on buying not one, but two back-up pairs for when these ones break or get lost!  They're another thing that people always notice and ask me about.

I just realised I didn't feature any bracelets, ah well, maybe that's another post!


23 Feb 2011

Rainbow leopard NOTD

I was inspired by the lovely nails of Leanne at donotrefreeze  to do this rainbow leopard print look.  Leanne's is much better, but I was pleased with my attempt all the same!

This is what I used -

C2000 BMX bandit, Models Own fuzzy peach, Models Own lilac dream, Bourjois french manicure in blanc raffine, Models Own pastel pink, Models Own Wah Nails pen in blakc and Models Own top turquoise.  I also used seche vite topcoat at the end.

I didn't use a basecoat as it wasn't to hand and the base colour was a nail varnish meant for doing white tips, so that might be why the nail varnish peeled off after one day!  By the time I'd got home from work, two of my nails were completely naked and the other easily peeled off in one!  Very odd and that'll teach me for not being bothered to go and get my base coat!


22 Feb 2011

New make-up storage

I found these pretty boxes in the sale in WHSmiths recently and they're perfect for de-cluttering my dressing table.

They don't fit everything, so I've still got other boxes and drawers to sort out, but they're good for storing the things I use every day and need easy access to.

I got a smaller, deeper one for holding loose smaller things like mascaras, foundations and single eye shadows

And a larger, longer one which is a perfect fit for lots of smaller palettes.  I made use of some old Mac holiday packaging to store favourite lipsticks, glosses, pencils and brushes

I've been intending to get some muji storage to arrange my whole stash in one place, but until then these will do nicely

16 Feb 2011

oooh I love a bit of sparkle - Erika & Elvis / Elliott Swarovski blingage

One of my very first posts was about these pendants from Swarovski - the original post is here

I never got one of these pretties because they're way expensive for something which I couldn't really wear that much.  I don't think I've ever paid more than about £30 for something that's essentially just fashion jewellery.  I noticed the other day that they're still making these cute little creatures in all new ranges.

I think these are a valentine's type range, they look like love bugs! 

I love this one, he's dressed as a blinging little squirrel!

 I really like these coloured ones too, especially the little lilac Erika.  

And prettiest of all, pink and purple bling with butterfly wings!

So kitsch and fun, but they're all between about £140 - £170, yikes!  One of the things that drew my attention back to these is that I spotted a copy on ebay ridiculously cheap. I'm sure the quality would be bad and the stones would fall off, so it's probably not worth the bother, and none of them were as pretty as the real thing.

I also noticed that they no longer have Elvis, it's now Elliott.  What's that all about?  Did Erika dump Elvis for Elliott?!

I can't decide if I like the squirrel or butterfly best, but I think it's inspired me to want a squirrel necklace of some sort!

15 Feb 2011

Models own NOTD - peach sherbet, pastel pink and lilac dream

I wanted some girlie nails for Valentine's weekend / day and this is what I came up with using two polishes from my haul and peach sorbet which I already had.

Lilac dream - pastel pink - peach sherbet

Too crazy?  I like it!  I was painting my nails while I was watching Jersey Shore, so in comparison to that these seemed completely normal!

14 Feb 2011

Models own 10 polish haul

At Christmas, I took advantage of the deals on the models own site where you save money the more polishes, to make up some Christmas presents.  I bought ten polishes, but only one was for me, booo =(

I'd been planning to go back and get some colours for myself after January pay day.  First I picked up the nail art pens and then, with the 25% code that was out recently, I got 10 polishes just for me, wooo!

L - R (click to zoom) - 25 carat gold, purple grey, pink fizz (glitter), pastel pink, grace green, vintage pink, lilac dream, purple haze (glitter), top turquoise and grey day

I've been planning how to pair the polishes up for some accent nail action...

Vintage pink and Heather Grey - I already tried these two together in this post

Pastel pink and grace green 

Top turquoise and grey day

I'm also planning to use the glitters for accenting too and I love mixing pink and purple

I couldn't resist a quick try of purple haze glitter over purple grey...

...and pink fizz glitter over vintage pink

These will definitely keep me quiet for a while!  


Happy valentine's day

I do celebrate Valentine's day with my bf, but as it falls on a Monday, we'll be a work, doh!  Whether you like it or you don't, single or attached, working or not, have a happy v day x

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