13 Feb 2011

A look back at my week (sort of)

I've realised that my life is by far too uninteresting to warrant a weekly update, plus when I do do something interesting, I usually forget to take a photo, so this post is a mish-mash of the last couple of weeks.

A friend from work invited some of us round for dinner to celebrate one of our birthdays and he has the cutest dogs ever.  Look they do tricks!  The darker one, Franco, even liked me, which is vary rare for any animal!

I brought dessert for the meal, which was a chocolate and raspberry cake / torte thing I made.  Writing in chocolate was harder than I expected, so the message looks a bit rubbish.

I've carried on trying to figure out how to make backcomb in a bottle work on my hair, so far without much success.  Can you even tell I've used it in this photo?  I'm not sure whether I'm still doing it wrong, or whether it's better suited to thick or curly hair.

My boyfriend keeps koi and he bought some new teeny little ones to grow in his pond. Sweet.

I've been trying to get back into the habit of cooking proper dinners in the evenings, rather than eating crap, so I've been going through my cookbooks for a bit of insp.  I've tried out a few of the Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals, although when I tried to make the piri piri chicken it took me well over an hour!  You hardly need me to tell you this, but the picture is of Jamie's version, not my own attempt!

I've got these ankle boots in dark grey rather than the black shown here and I've been wearing them loads since I got them.  They were £15 in the Dorothy Perkins sale and I'm loving them with dresses and black tights.

My friend's brother runs a dance aerobics type class at the gym and she's been taking me along for the last two weeks.  The photo is from google, but clearly that's exactly what I look like when I'm doing the class.  Last week the group was at the end of six weeks working on a dance to a song from Hairspray, so it was really hard to keep up with everyone else who already knew all the moves.  This week it's the start of a new dance to Burlesque from the Christina Aguilera film and it's new to everyone, so I'm out of excuses for why I'm so rubbish!  I'm so uncoordinated it's untrue, I have so much respect for dancers now, it's so hard!  It's a good fun way to exercise and I don't mind laughing at myself when I get it all wrong.

I went to see the stage show The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre in Covent Garden with a couple of friends the other night and it was brilliant. It was a bit slow to start, but once it got going I loved it and it was so scary!  I actually properly screamed at one point, shame on me!  I won't spoil it by telling you anything about the story, but I recommend you go to see it if you don't mind getting scared.  We got tickets in the upper circle really cheap for about £13.

Surely I've been up to more than this over the last couple of weeks, but whatever it was I can't remember!

One more thing to mention is my favourite TV shows of the moment.  I can't get enough of Big fat gypsy weddings, Mary Queen of shops and Secret Diary of a Call Girl - gutted it's the last series of this =(


  1. Woman In Blak is such an amazing show - even if it did give me nightmares for a few weeks after!!! And I love those black shoes! And Big Fat Gypsy wedding is my new favourite obsession! x

  2. Loving your week in pics how cute are those dogs xoxo

  3. great photos =) that cake looks delicious!xx


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