14 Feb 2011

Models own 10 polish haul

At Christmas, I took advantage of the deals on the models own site where you save money the more polishes, to make up some Christmas presents.  I bought ten polishes, but only one was for me, booo =(

I'd been planning to go back and get some colours for myself after January pay day.  First I picked up the nail art pens and then, with the 25% code that was out recently, I got 10 polishes just for me, wooo!

L - R (click to zoom) - 25 carat gold, purple grey, pink fizz (glitter), pastel pink, grace green, vintage pink, lilac dream, purple haze (glitter), top turquoise and grey day

I've been planning how to pair the polishes up for some accent nail action...

Vintage pink and Heather Grey - I already tried these two together in this post

Pastel pink and grace green 

Top turquoise and grey day

I'm also planning to use the glitters for accenting too and I love mixing pink and purple

I couldn't resist a quick try of purple haze glitter over purple grey...

...and pink fizz glitter over vintage pink

These will definitely keep me quiet for a while!  



  1. Omg, all fantastic colours. I need to pick some up :) x


  2. Wow, I am seriously jealous of this haul!


  3. I love these! I have serious nail envy for you right now. *sigh*

    Have a great one! x http://xnta.blogspot.com/
    p.s. check out my Giveaway!

  4. Purple haze is looking like it has the potential to be my new favourite nail polish. I must purchase!

  5. Thanks for the comments! I'm spoilt for choice with colours right now, won't need to buy any more for a while!


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