6 Feb 2011

My hatred for H&M

I'm going to try to keep this short, as otherwise it'll turn into a mega-rant!  H&M have annoyed me several times now for different reasons, so inspired by Mary Portas, I'm going to stop shopping there and this is why...

Online, the shopping experience could be  improved...

Their site isn't the greatest in terms of navigation, ease of use or being able to  find and view what you want. The range is also limited, there's much less available on there than in stores.  These are only minor gripes, my main issue is the process for refunding something you've ordered online...

Today, after taking a couple of items I'd ordered online back to my local H&M, I was told I could only have a credit note.  Excuse me?  I'd read on the order note that came with my package that I had 28 days to return the items for an exchange or refund and I was able to do this by post or in store.  It was rudely pointed out to me that on the reverse of the order note there are some additional terms which state returns in store will only be exchanges or credit notes.

Firstly, they don't make this clear enough on the order note - why state you can take the item back to a store right after mentioning you have 28 days to get a refund, without explaining a store won't actually give you a refund.  I think it's very misleading to only include this information on the other side of the delivery note - I've read the section on refunds, how would I know there's also some secret information hidden on the other side?

I know shops don't have to offer refunds if you've simply changed your mind, and other shops like French Connection only accept online returns back by post, but whatever the policy is, it should be clear!

In store I've found the staff to be rude and unhelpful...

Now I'll start by saying I'm referring to one store only and two members of staff I've encountered - the others may well be lovely.

As mentioned, when I went to get a refund today, I found the member of staff really rude and condescending when she explained I could only get a credit note.  There was no sympathy or apology, it was almost as if she felt like she'd got on up on me!  She pointed out where it was stated on the order note that I was wrong and that was that.  I told her I thought it was misleading and that I'd come to the store especially to get the refund because of what I'd read on the front of the delivery note, but she couldn't care less.  After I asked to speak to the manager she wandered off, barely acknowledging me, so I decided I wouldn't bother waiting for another person to come and patronise me, I would blog about my anger instead!

The other experience with a H&M staff member was before Christmas.  I was queueing to pay and there was a girl with down's syndrome in front of me.  In front of her was another lady waiting to pay, we'll call her scumbag1.  After a minute or so, another woman (scumbag2) comes to join scumbag1.  She has literally armfuls of stuff and clearly intends to jump the queue.  I see her look at the girl infront of me, she sneers and then whispers to scumbag1 who turns round to have a sneer and then both scumbags whisper and giggle.

I waited for sumbag1 to pay, then scumbag2 starts putting all of her stuff on the counter.  I went over and explained I'd seen her jump the queue and as she clearly wasn't paying together with scumbag1, she needed to queue like everyone else.  Cue loads of abuse from scumbags 1 and 2.  The shop assistant just stood there  like it wasn't happening and left me to deal with it.  She could have called over a colleague or manager to help, asked the scumbags to leave the shop, called security, asked everyone to calm down, anything, but no, she just ignored it all.

Eventually the scumbags were shamed into clearing off and I helped the girl in front of me up to the counter with her stuff and apologised to her for the silly row she had to witness.  Her Mum, who'd been over the other side of the shop came over at this point and thanked me for sticking up for her daughter.

Maybe the SA didn't see what happened with the scumbags, and I can't have expected her to, but once what had happened was pointed out and a row was breaking out on the shop floor, is it really acceptable to just ignore it and let it happen?

The sizing is whack...

Whack - not a word usually found in my vocab, but it seems fitting here.  H&M sizing makes no sense to me at all.  It's so varied it's ridiculous.  I've thought for a while that their sizing comes up small having been unable to zip up a pair of their size 16 trousers recently, despite owning lots of stuff from there in a size 14.

When I ordered online for the first time, I bought a top in a size L (which although not stated online, was labelled a 14 when it arrived) and it fit me fine.  I also got a skirt, and due to having had size 16 trousers come up small before, I ordered an 18 to make sure it would do up and wouldn't look tight either.  I don't own anything else in a size 18, only 14s and 16s, but when I tried on the skirt, it still wouldn't do up!  Seriously, do I need to buy clothes 2 - 3 sizes bigger in H&M than every other shop on the high-street?  Forget it!

So, inspired by the queen of shops, see you later H&M. Let me know when you've sorted yourself out.


  1. I'm not sure if this post was intended to make me laugh but at points it did! Not at you but at the way you worded it, "whack" and "beef" being my favourite words used!
    I actually cannot believe your second story about the scumbags - I hate people that push in. So friggin' rude and even more annoying when the sales assistant does nothing about it despite clearly having seen them push in!

    I can't really comment on H+M too much as I haven't bought much from there, despite looking in there every time I go past.
    Good for you though for sticking by your principles and boycotting it. :)
    Emma x

  2. I like the title. Straight to the point ahah.

    H&M always has disgraceful customer service. The staff are incredibly rude and condescending.

    Also the sizes. I agree. Sometimes I am a good 2 sizes bigger in there. Annoying.

    Also you missed out the store layouts. It is actually impossible to find anything. It looks like a charity shop inside. Nightmare.


  3. I totally agree with everything you've said here with regards to the staff! everytime i go into the H&M in High Wycombe (yes i don't mind naming it!) The staff are stuck up and ignore queues! So much so i refuse to go in there anymore! Luckily i've recently moved away, but the Bournemouth staff aren't much better!!

  4. I totally agree with your views on H&M, whenever I have visited their stores 99% of the time it has been a very negative experience. I don't buy the clothes because of the sizing issue, but they do have great accessories, but because of the layout, rudeness of staff etc I stopped shopping there. I did however visit H&M in New York in December and the staff in there were wonderful. Well done on challenging the scumbags, I always challenge queue jumpers too and usually get a mouthful of abuse for my trouble, also, like you I would never stand by and watch someone being ridiculed and sniggered at by others. Jude xx

  5. The H&M where I live are just the same and there are 3 round here that I have been in!
    Although my experience in all of them felt like I was in the same shop, they are rude and cluttered plus staff don't seem to know a thing about anything!
    I had bought a top from there and I really loved it but my daughter chucked something on it that stained it about 4 days later so I went back to see if I could buy another one but in a different H&M, I asked where they had this range of tops and was told that they no longer stock them and that all H&M's stopped stocking them 3 months prior so I protested that I had only bought one a few days before (not in sale)! She then mumbled that I wouldn't need another one then, so I asked to talk to someone else she huffed and brang me an equally moronic prat back... I ended up walking out!
    Also the sizes are stupid! I have tried on trousers in 4 different sizes and they go from an extreme of not fitting me to overly big but nothing that fits, I don't have the time or patience to be trying on for hours just to find something not to mention the fact that it makes me feel completely useless about myself for not being able to fit into something especially now that I have lost some weight I can shop in 'normal' shops again!

    I will stop my rant now :)

  6. I agree with some points, the website is shite beyond belief!! Not been overly keen on the staff in my local stores either.


  7. I find H&M pretty poor for customer service too. The one on Mary Portas was my local one and there is always a massive queue and the sales assistants are in no hurry to serve. The sizing is all over the place to. I have a size 8 dress that fits and a size 12 skirt which is really tight and could do with being a 14 - how the hell does anyone know what size to buy?

    I don't think I'll bother with their website, thanks for the tip off.

  8. I completely agree with you! I went in last week to return a top i'd bought my boyfriend about 20 days before and the girl was totally patronising and like - "actually you can only get an exchange" - erm REALLY? I thought the policy was 28 days? I had to argue and argue till she went to check with a manager even tho it's pritned on the receipt!!

    Seriously, staff training required.

    Hope this post comes to the attention of someone from the H&M HO!

    Jo xoxo

  9. Omg TheRoxyLoves, my local one is High Wycombe too, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. I hope this comes up on a Google search now so everyone knows how totally crap the staff at High Wycombe are. The store is also a constant health hazzard, I manage to shop in other shops fine yet twice now I've tripped up on broken shelves/signs.

  10. Luckily I've never had any problems with staff there but I so agree about the trouser sizing/fit! I just can't be bothered to even consider their trousers anymore they're so odd. Yet I can normally rely on dresses and skirts OK. Let's just write off the trousers as crazy.

    Florrie x

  11. I agree about rude staff at H&M (bitchy staff too). They never smile and if you ask them for anything they say its out of stock instead of looking.
    I once tried something on that had pins still in it and 2 pins stuck into me which obviously hurt. When I told the sales assistant they looked at me like I was mad and just said 'PINS' and I said yeah pins in the clothes and they just laughed! No apology or anything.
    The staff seem either very thick or very rude.
    Also I notice when you pay they are always chatting to their colleagues when they serve you. They give people dirty looks which I have had a few times from female staff in their, its like they look you up and down.
    So its not just the store you went in it seems H&M's customer service is rubbish!

  12. Thanks for the comments everyone, glad it made some of you laugh too! I can't believe how many of you have also had bad experiences in H&M. We need to get the queen of shops on their case!

  13. Great post, if you order anything online, you are entitled to a refund by law as you have not seen the item before you bought it, however, its still up to them how they accept refunds unfortunately! I but things in bigger sizes too! Awful service you received!

  14. i completely agree. i hardly ever have a good experience in and H&M store and my online shopping experience was just a complete disaster! completely puts me off the brand xx

  15. H&M really doesnt do it for me - I actually posted a bit of a similar moan over the weekend!


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