22 Feb 2011

New make-up storage

I found these pretty boxes in the sale in WHSmiths recently and they're perfect for de-cluttering my dressing table.

They don't fit everything, so I've still got other boxes and drawers to sort out, but they're good for storing the things I use every day and need easy access to.

I got a smaller, deeper one for holding loose smaller things like mascaras, foundations and single eye shadows

And a larger, longer one which is a perfect fit for lots of smaller palettes.  I made use of some old Mac holiday packaging to store favourite lipsticks, glosses, pencils and brushes

I've been intending to get some muji storage to arrange my whole stash in one place, but until then these will do nicely


  1. I've got all mine in a stationary desk tidy! It work perfectly and fits in my drawer :D

  2. love these storage boxes, I've done some storage posts on my blog aswell :)

    laura x

  3. Ooooh that is super cute :) Love it xxx

  4. oh there so cute - i want i want x

  5. What a great idea! I love how the second box looks! The pallettes look kind of like books :) How adorable!

  6. love this box! i picked up something similar the other week and i love it xx

  7. Very tidy - i love organising stuff! Cute idea hun :) xoxo

  8. Hey, I picked up the multi drawer storage box from this collection for £10 and have just been waiting for an opportunity to fill it! I can't wait to finally have all my make up in one easy to reach place :D

    Steph xxx

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