23 Feb 2011

Rainbow leopard NOTD

I was inspired by the lovely nails of Leanne at donotrefreeze  to do this rainbow leopard print look.  Leanne's is much better, but I was pleased with my attempt all the same!

This is what I used -

C2000 BMX bandit, Models Own fuzzy peach, Models Own lilac dream, Bourjois french manicure in blanc raffine, Models Own pastel pink, Models Own Wah Nails pen in blakc and Models Own top turquoise.  I also used seche vite topcoat at the end.

I didn't use a basecoat as it wasn't to hand and the base colour was a nail varnish meant for doing white tips, so that might be why the nail varnish peeled off after one day!  By the time I'd got home from work, two of my nails were completely naked and the other easily peeled off in one!  Very odd and that'll teach me for not being bothered to go and get my base coat!



  1. Those look great! I love the pastel spots :)

  2. Seriously though- that happens to me every single time I put on Nails INC! But i have kinda fun peeling them off, so it's a win win.
    Nails look fab- how does everyone, except for me, have such sweet nail skills!? Did I miss the training day or something? ugh!

  3. aw it looks really good, shame it peeled off though! x


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