3 Feb 2011

Thursday hotness

Without any real reason, other than I feel in the need of a little cheering up as this week has been stressful and beefy at work, here's some Thursday hotness!

And yes, mainly I like older men, if you don't, good because then I won't have to share!

In no particular order... 



  1. You have such good taste in men :D

  2. I love Jack from Lost, he is so gorgeous x

  3. There are a lot of fitties here! But Syler scares the hell out of me! x

  4. Gordon Ramsey?! Shame on you Gemma!
    I have to keep my love of anyone 'older' to myself because I feel slightly ashamed haha. I think the oldest man I fancy is Jared Leto who is 38 but he doesn't look it at all! x

    P.S you should get a double cross ring! I thought it might be a bit uncomfortable but you get used to it and it's only uncomfortable when you feel like you have to flex and spread your fingers out but you can just take the ring off for that! x

  5. oh matthew fox from Lost is missing in your list. :) I "fancy" him as the british would say.

  6. Oi you lot, leave off Gordon Ramsay! I think it's the power thing he has! Justine I'd never forget Matthew Fox, he's gorge and is the first photo!

  7. May I just say... Kiefer Sutherland is actually married to me. Sorry about that! x

  8. Simon Cowell?? seriously?? whyy??!!!!


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