7 Feb 2011

Valentine's day inspiration for the boyfs!

My boyf's given up trying to surprise me as I'm too fussy, so he just asks me what I'd like - how romantic!  If I was a boy (even just for a day lalalala), this is what I'd be choosing from to impress a girlie =)




  1. ooo Gem please tell where those shoes and bag are from, i adore haha x

  2. They're lovely aren't they, I desperately want the bag! The shoes are Carvela and the bag is Marc Jacobs x

  3. Ahaha sent my boyfriend and email and tell him about this blog post :p.
    He doesn't like me to tell him what I would like, but sometimes he can be a little bit clueless with what to buy...

    Maybe if I just direct him to the Illamasqua counter :p


  4. Ooo I smelt that Yankee candle and its Lush :) x



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