31 Mar 2011

NOTD - China Glaze Cracked Concrete & Nails Inc Brompton Place

I got my first China Glaze polish for my birthday, and it was a crackle!  It's a dark grey shade, so I thought it would go nicely with a bright pink.

Having found the right setting on my camera, I can now get detailed close-ups like this on the bottom of the bottles.  Still practising, but getting there!

I'm liking this so much more than the Barry M black crackle, when it comes to nails, black is just not for me.

28 Mar 2011

Meet Stitch!

I've waited too long to show you more of my cute little hamster stitch, he's just over 3 months old now!  He's actually a she, but I wanted a boy hamster, so I just pretend!  We've recently made Stitch a little playground for when he's out of his cage, so I took some photos of him exploring it =)

It's a massive storage box which is too tall for him to climb out of, but has plenty of room for running around.  He's a dwarf hamster so he's really tiny and doesn't really get any bigger even when he's fully grown.  He does smell a bit, so we have to clean him out a lot, and he's very mischievous, always trying to escape or gnaw through things - he's living up to his name!

If anyone else is thinking about getting a dwarf hamster and wants to know anything about them, just ask.


26 Mar 2011

Birthday haul

It was my birthday last week, so I thought I'd take some pictures of my presents.  I was very lucky and got lots of lovely stuff from all my friends and family =)

I got some gorgeous jelly pong pong make-up which is so pretty I'll be loathed to take it out of the box and use it!  This pic also shows my lush orange dreamsicle yankee candle jar - it smells so good!  I'm not really mentioning the handbag you can see at the back as it's not real, but it looks good and I love it =)

I only have a normal little camera, so it struggles photographing things like jewellery, but I managed to get quite a good close up of my new favourite ring.  I don't really own any gold, but as I wear my gold coloured watch on my left wrist I wanted a gold ring for those days when I don't feel like clashing

Loads of Lush, a standard birthday requirement!  I picked the pretty pink trinket box from paperchase to keep small things tidy on my dressing table.  The teapot thing is a set of little tupperware boxes from paperchase.  I have four sets of these now, it's becoming a little addiction

How cute is that owl cookie jar?  I got another yummy yankee and some more of the paperchase tupperwares.  Here you can also see Breaking Dawn - I couldn't wait to get this after finishing Eclipse the week before - I'm currently half way through and don't want to get to the end!  I also got one of the WHSmith drawer boxes which I'm going to use to organize all my nail varnishes.

You can't quite see properly in the photo but in the middle there is a pair of socks which say I love Primark which I got from the bestie.  It's true, we do love Pri!  The little dinosaur at the top can be heated up in the microwave to keep you warm.  I hate being cold so I've already used this a lot.

A little close-up of the bling from that photo as it's so pretty.  The necklace is from Accessorize and it's just the kind of thing I would have picked for myself, love it

My first China Glaze polishes, and they're crackles!  I'll be experimenting with these and will do a post on the results.  So much better than the boring black crackle!

 The bf took me to Lakeside to choose some presents and one of the things I picked was this top from River Island.  I have lots of dresses but hardly any tops I like, so I've been on the look out for more.  I loved it so much I also bought the mink coloured one myself

I got so many compliments when I wore these to work.  It also comes in black, but I didn't get that one.

Dress from DP in the sale - no sleeves but I'll wear it with something underneath or with a jacket or cardigan

And finally I was given some pretty home stuff - Lovely butterfly Martini glasses 

Gorgeous tea light holder - I'd never seen this in Next before but I really like it

Another glam tea light holder and a pretty photo frame  

And another lovely photo frame from Next

Wow it looks like a lot all set out like that!  I've got so many new things to try out and blog about =) 


22 Mar 2011

Spring Primark haul

This is actually two trips to Pri combined, one at my local and one at Lakeside.  It's funny how you can find such different stuff when you try other branches.

I got these pretty floral flip flops for £6.  I wore these out in the sunshine at the weekend and I know I'll wear them loads, they're so comfy.

I'm not so sure about these sandals, I've realised I've got a few things similar and a bit nicer already so they might go back.

These tan flats were £8 - I really like the detail on the front and they make a change from black whilst still going with lots of outfits

Coral bag and purse £9 and £3

Oversized navy sheer shirt, I think this was £8

Not sure about this floral jacket, I haven't worked out what I'll wear it with yet

I got these two pussy bow tops as they were cheap, hopefully they'll look nice tucked in 

I couldn't resist this shell print summer dress, even though it's completely the wrong style and shape for me with tiny straps.  I'll wear it with a cardigan or denim shirt over the top

I had some pretty clips like this from Topshop and managed to break them, so these are a good replacement for £2

Nice chunky bracelet

I thought this ruffle dress was a bargain for £10.  I got it in green too but that one's in the wash!

I was really surprised to see Primark doing nail wraps so thought I'd give them a go.  I haven't got round to trying them out yet but I think I'll play with these before I try out the more expensive ones I bought from asos

As everyone else seems to have one of these bendable hair bands I got one too but I can't get it to look right on my head yet

And finally I got this Princess Diana / Kate Middleton inspired ring - trust Pri to jump on a bandwagon!

There's nothing like a good Pri fix for some bargains =)

21 Mar 2011

Asos treat haul

As it was my birthday, there was a 20% discount code and because I bought the Groupon vouchers, I decided to treat myself with some lush new asos stuff.  Ha, check out all those excuses! =)

Lipsy pussy bow shirt with lace detail on the back

All in one wrap dresses in coral and mink - I love clothes like this for work, so effortless

Pretty heart print summer dress in mink and cream

Mink blazer - I cannot explain how much I love this <3

 Illamasqua precision eyeliner which I've wanted to try for ages - used my Groupon on this so technically it was £6 instead of £17!
And these beautiful River Island sparkly flats.  I saw these in River Island last week and hoped they'd be on asos so I could use my other Groupon on them.  They were, plus I got a £10 asos voucher for my birthday, so they only cost me £9 instead of £30 =)

Loving this little lot, can't wait for it to arrive.  Did you get the Groupon deal?  What did you buy?


20 Mar 2011

Happy birthday to me!

It's my birthday today, so just a little post on what I've been up to.  The older I get the less interested I become in my birthday and I actually tried to keep it a secret at work this year other than from my friends.  I bought some alcohol in Sainsbury's yesterday and the woman hardly looked at me let alone asked me for ID, so there's proof that I am now old!

Bestie got me a crazy balloon when she came round on Saturday night =)

A random picture I took when I was waiting for my friends to turn up for fajitas and margaritas

Getting stuff ready while the fajita fillings were cooking


Strawberry margarita - it's actually a daquiri as it's made with rum rather than tequila, but I always call them margaritas anyway

The hilarious card my brother gave me 

So true!

Crazy sizzling cook your own dinner we had out on Friday night - they serve your food raw with a baking hot granite block for you to cook it on!

I had the day off work on Friday and the bf took me to Lakeside to choose some presents.  We had yummy Yo Sushi for lunch and frozen yogurt with wicked toppings from Yog.  I wore the pretty flower hair clips I won recently in Hannah's giveaway and this is me trying to get a picture of the back of my head!

Hello Kitty birthday cake my Mum got me

Then my brother set the cake on fire...!

I've been spoilt with lots of lovely presents and will do a post on them when I've taken photos.  I'll also have a Primark haul post coming up as I got some really nice bits in Lakeside Primark =)

Not sure how all these birthday shenanigans are going to affect my success on weight watchers this week as I've eaten out six times in the last four days - just as well I only have one birthday a year!
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