13 Mar 2011

I'm a little bit obsessed!

There are so many posts I have in my head to do, but lately I keep getting distracted by reading instead and now I have a slightly embarrassing twilight obsession!

Some friends of mine were telling me how great Twilight was a while ago and they showed me the first film.  I found it odd that they kept clarifying things for me that I couldn't have understood from the film alone, and it was because they had all read the book.  They showed me the second and third films too, but I couldn't concentrate fully as we were talking and eating in-between and I'd missed out on all the extra information you get from the books.

I asked for the books for Christmas and only got around to starting the first one last Sunday.  Now I absolutely see what all the fuss is about!  I think the love story between Bella and Edward and the explanation of how they come together is so well written and detailed in the book, you really don't get much of that in the movie.  I'm now at the end of the second book - new moon - and am about to start on the third - eclipse.  After each book I've been re-watching the films.

I do like the films, but it certainly helps if you've read the books as they have to miss so much out to keep the movie short.  In a way I think you should read the books first, although I liked the way I could picture all the characters in my head when reading the book, because I'd seen the film.

If you've never read or watched Twilight I highly recommend you do, vampires and werewolves are hot!  Oh and in case you're wondering, I'm team Edward all the way!



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books.I have the films too and still watch them sometimes :) I totally agree with everything you said regarding how well written they are. And WOOHOOOOOOOO TEAM EDWARD.I have a tote bag that says "TEAM EDWARD,BEACUSE I'M WITH THE VAMPIRES" and my girls forbid me to use it when they are with me hahaha

  2. I absolutely HATED the movies LOL. In fact, i only watched the first one for around 10 minutes, and I couldn't take it anymore haha! But I read all of the books and liked them, but it's not really my kind of books. I just wanted to see what all the hype was about.

  3. Hi Gem!

    I love these books, you absolutely HAVE to read the Vampire Academy books by richelle mead!! They are soooo amazing if you like Twilight you will love Vampire Academy oh oh and the Otherworld Series by Kelley Armstrong!! :)

    Sam Xx


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