2 Mar 2011

They say luck comes in threes

I've been a very lucky girlie lately.  Being one of those people that "never wins anything", I don't often enter competitions / blog giveaways (this may be one of the reasons I don't win, duh!), but this past week I won not one, not two, but three prizes!  I actually felt quite guilty like I'd been super greedy for winning all of this!

First of all I entered a competition on the Fiorelli website.  I saw a tweet about a survey they were running and that the first 200 people to complete it would win a prize.  I doubted that I'd be in the first 200 but completed the survey anyway as I quite like doing things like that.

A few days later, this little beauty popped through my door!

It's a really lovely silver-grey purse with crystal embellishments on the front.  I really like it and it's something I would have picked myself.  The label says it's worth £15 too.  Thank you Fiorelli - I expected the prizes to be a money off voucher or something like that, so I was so surprised and pleased to get this lovely purse.

Next I won the gorgeous Siobahn's 200 followers giveaway on her blog *starsglittermagic*.  I was thrilled to win as I really didn't expect to, and the prizes were fabulous! The wrapping paper had iced gems on it, how sweet!

Thank you Siobhan, these are so lovely, I'll be wearing them tomorrow =)

Then literally a day or two later I found out I'd won the lovely Hannah's 100th post pink giveaway at her blog, the roxy loves.  Here are some photos of the pretty pink prizes I won including my can't live without product - Batiste dry shampoo!

My favourite thing is the hair clips - they're the sort of thing I never buy but am always jealous when I see them looking good in other people's hair.  The mini hand cream is going straight in my desk at work too.

Thank you so much Siobahn and Hannah.  Please check out these lovely girlies either on twitter (click on their names above) or on their blogs (click on their blog names above).


  1. The fiorelli purse is so cute! Well done on your wins! Can you pass on your secret?! ;-)

  2. wow you have been lucky this week :)


  3. wowser, very nice!! Some fab prizes there! :) xx

  4. congratulations! the purse is lovely!!

  5. Woo! :) I'm one of them people myself who never wins anything, and I'm really that person, since you're not that person anymore, after winning three compatitions/giveaways in a row haha! :) Congrats, and may you use them wisely hahah! :P

  6. Wow, you really are a lucky lady - congratulations :)


  7. Yowzas how lucky are you?

    Just wanted to pop by and say thank you for sticking up for me to Missus you-stole-my-pic :)

    I appreciated it xxxx

  8. Lucky lucky girl !
    You deserve it dear :)

    Liz Secret Rendezvous

  9. Omg!!! I LOVE that purse!!!!! Soooo jelous!!!! X


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