29 Apr 2011

Royal wedding fashion - outfit hits and misses including Kate Middleton's wedding dress, obvs!

Everyone's going to be giving their opinions on the outfits of the day, so why not share my thoughts too?!

First up, the misses!

I thought Tara Palmer Tomkinson had a horn on her head when I first saw her arriving and then at full length I realised no I was mistaken, she'd actually come as a thunderbird.  Fail!

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.  

Eugenie's dress is fairly unflattering and an odd choice.  I don't think it goes with her extreme hat either, on the plus side her shoes are quiet nice!

I don't know where to begin with Beatrice, she's literally wearing antlers on her face - that's right not her head, her face.  Her outfit really ages her I think as do the shoes which look far to old for her.  She also forgot the less is more rule teaming some heavy smoky eyes with her face antlers.  Massive fail for me, sorry!

Come on you're princesses, sort it out!  

I saw a beautiful blonde girl in the abbey wearing a caramel colour and I thought she was Chelsey, but no, this is what Chelsey turned up in.  Did she run out of time to do her hair?  The outfit doesn't suit her shape either, she's got some one boob going on there.  Oh dear.  The shoes and bag are nice enough, not sure what the hat is supposed to be matching.

Not feeling this look on Camilla at all.  I love big hats, but it's the dress coat I don't like.  Dip dye?  Drop waist?  Embroidery?  Euurgh.  I found it really odd that she and Carole Middleton went for such a similar colour, Carole was the clear winner.

No this isn't a burlesque act arriving for the evening entertainment, it's Nick Clegg's wife Miriam Gonzalez.  What on earth was she thinking?  The hat and shows with a different outfit would have been nice, but together it all looks too sex show for me, especially the black leather gloves!

Onto my fashion winners...

Carole Middleton looked fabulous didn't she? A perfect colour and it fits her so well.  All of those Middleton ladies have fabulous figures!  Nice hat, flattering length and good shoes, ten out of ten Mama Middleton!

Considering Joss Stone's rather questionable fashion choices in the past, I thought she looked really good.  The outfit completely suited the occasion but I don't think she'd dressed too old for her age either.  I love the colour and a great hat too.  Lilly Allen must be seething! 

Continuing the peach / coral theme was Princess Victoria of Sweden, simple but very elegant and great matching shoes.

I hated reading all the bitchy tweets about Victoria Beckham.  I love Vicky B and think she's fab and this outfit certainly didn't disappoint me.  She looks better pregnant than most of us could hope for on our skinniest of days! Apparently it's one of her own designs from her autumn collection, modified for her bump!

David Beckham of course was looking hot as expected too =)

In contrast to Nick Clegg's wife, David Cameron's Sam Cam was looking fresh and fab in turquoise.

Initially the Queen's outfit reminded me of custard, but she supposedly wears bright colours so that the crowds can see her!  She looks very good for her age actually.  Shame she was clashing with the Dean of Westminster!

I couldn't leave this post without the best bits now could I..... the bride and bridesmaids!

Just wow, look at that wedding dress!  I don't quite understand how it's vintage Alexander McQueen, as it's certainly not second hand, but it's certainly fabulous!  Obviously Sarah Burton's creation is going to spark thousands of copies, but I hope also it will bring about a revival of wedding dresses with sleeves - some brides have wiggly bingo wings don't you know!

Pippa / Phillippa Middleton also looked amazing - quite an achievement next to her stunning sister Kate Middleton. Her Temperley dress was gorgeous, and to pull off that look from the back with her bum still looking so small!  I'm so jel!  

The cutest little bridesmaids and page boys

Just married, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

She did her own make-up and it looked beautiful and went well with her elegant hair.  Some people have been tweeting that her eyeliner looked bad but I disagree - she always wears black eyeliner.  You don't want to look like a different person on your wedding day, you should look like yourself but your best most polished version and I think she did.

Such an amazing dress, well worth the wait!  And now she's a princess!  Go Kate!

And finally, the long awaited balcony kiss! Awww

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25 Apr 2011

Easter nails, Easter eggs and Easter bling holders!

A very easter-y post for you today!

First up, here's my new solution for all those bits and bobs that clutter your dressing table and other surfaces - with me it's always jewellery that I put down after I take it off and can't be bothered to put it away yet.  Also I tend to leave out bits that I know I'll wear the next day.  

These are actually small ice cream serving dishes which I bought in paperchase for £4 each.  I love the colours and the cute flower shape.  Here they are filled with random bling.

I like them so much that I went back to get the yellow one too.

Next are my Easter nails.  Not the neatest I've ever done, but I was in a bit of a rush plus I'm a bit rubbish at nail art and doing straight lines, but I try! 

For this I used models own pastel pink, lilac dream and the white nail art pen.  I think they look a little bit like easter eggs, sort of.  

And now on to the real eggs.  Check out that for a haul - don't my family know I'm supposed to be doing weight watchers?!  =) 

Happy Easter  xx


24 Apr 2011

A little order from the dark side... H&M

You may remember not so long ago I was ranting about H&M giving poor service both online and instore.  I possibly vowed never to shop there again in my fit of rage...

Well, it's surprising how seeing a cute jacket can make you forget your principles isn't it?  I really did try to find a similar jacket elsewhere but I couldn't, so H&M, you got a second chance with me.  

Here's what I ordered.  

Striped blazer - £24.99 - this is the one that caused me to go back to H&M.  It's white with fine blue stripes, so from a distance it looks pale blue.  I wanted it as an alternative to wearing my open denim shirt in situations where denim is too casual ie work.  Also because I saw a girl wearing something very similar with navy linen trousers and it looked lush.

Navy blazer - £24.99 - I bought this in the hope it'd be a good substitute for the one I want from asos which is £65

 Straw hat - £4.99 - bargain

Love these sunglasses, very Vicky B I think - £4.99

I was careful to order things I thought I would definitely not need to take back as I really dislike the H&M returns policy (which I don't think they make very clear as I found out during my first online shop with them).  If you want to take online items back to a store they will not refund, exchange only.  If you post them back, you get a returns label and they deduct the postage from your refund, oh and it takes them up to 4 weeks to process the return and credit the refund.  Err H&M, take a leaf from asos would you please?

Anyway, back to the point, trying to order things that wouldn't need to go back...

So here's the jacket, I love it and have already worn it clashing nicely with a pink heart dress.  The order was worth if for this jacket

I made a bit of a mistake with the second jacket.  On the model it looks like a relaxed, casual, jersey type blazer, but actually it's a thicker texture and a more formal shape.

And I noticed it had an unfinished / split seam - good quality eh?

Sadly the hat was another disappointment.  It's the perfect size and shape but sadly H&M decided it was appropriate to ship it to me in simply plastic bag packaging and the hat was completely squashed and ruined on its journey.

I tried re-shaping it, but one of the bends / squashes had actually caused some of the straw to break and made a hole.  Not the look I was going for!

If you're wondering, that nail polish is Nails Inc Hans Crescent.

And finally the sunglasses - what could go wrong with them?  Not much to be fair, I love the shape on me and they're my new faves.  They also come in a cream / beige colour which I'm tempted by.  Although they did have a white scratch mark on the arm (I didn't photograph it).  

It's only small and near the ear, so can't really be seen, but it was just another sign to me of the lack of care H&M are putting into their online business - I mean seriously, out of one order 75% of the items were damaged - that's poor in anyone's opinion.  I think they're lucky they design some really nice stuff which means customers perhaps are prepared to put up with some bad service and poor quality, but they shouldn't bank on this!  

Let's see what happens when I take the damaged hat and jacket back to the shop...


23 Apr 2011

Sneaky little jewellery haul

I love buying really cheap (sometimes tacky) jewellery, by the time it falls apart, I'm probably bored of it anyway!  I had a little browse in Peacocks, which I always find very hit and miss.  I didn't see any clothes I liked, but they had some pretty jewellery bits, so I indulged.

This bracelet was £5 and I think it screams "Pat Butcher" but I love it

This little ladybug was only £4 and it's on a really really long chain.  My friend at work came back from her holidays with a lovely little russian doll type necklace from forever21 and she didn't get me one (the bitch) so I was pleased when she was jel of this.  Now we're even!

And I also got these Kate Middleton engagement ring inspired earrings for £4.50.

I already had the Primark Kate/ Diana ring, so it goes quite well with the earrings.  Although the ring is gold coloured and the earrings are silver, you can't really tell when the earrings are being worn.

Not Peacocks, but Primark, I got this little beauty for £1.50.  Another friend had this on and made me very jel - I beefed her for not picking up one for me as it was so obvious I would need it in my life!  Luckily as my Mum works quite near a Primark it was only a phone call away from being mine =)


22 Apr 2011

NOTD - Nails Inc Hans Crescent

Here's the first Nails Inc polish I've tried from my QVC today's special value set - this is Hans Crescent

It's a more orangey-peach than I expected, but I do still really like it.  It gives good coverage, no sign of the nail line after two coats - we likey.

With flash 

Without flash

The colour on my nail in this photo is closest to how it looks in natural light in real life, a very bright, orangey-peach 


21 Apr 2011

Nails Inc QVC collection

Last week QVC did a today's special value on Nails Inc.  I've picked up most of my collection this way as the sets are such good value when you consider they cost around £11 each to buy singularly.

This set of 7 lovely summer shades cost me around £27 with postage, that's less than £4 each!

Here are the colours in the set, as usual, all named after places in London

Aren't they pretty?  My favourites I can't wait to try are the peachy hans crescent and camden lock which is an electric blue with glitter

I'm sure nearly all of these will be featuring in my NOTDs soon

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