11 Apr 2011

Too faced romantic eye palette review and swatches

 I guest posted on starsglittermagic  Look, that's me! haha =)

In case you haven't seen it on Siobhan's blog, here's the post...

I'm really excited to be guest blogging for the lovely Siobhan while she's sunning it up in amazing Dubai!  I'm so jel, I've always wanted to go there!

I've decided to make my guest post a review of a palette I got for my birthday as I've not seen it reviewed anywhere else.  I don't think they promote Too Faced very much in the UK and it's not always easy to buy on the high street but I think it's a great brand and I love their palettes.

This is the newest palette in their series of eyeshadow wardrobes - Romantic eye

I've been collecting these palettes since they came out and the series also includes smoky eye, natural eye, naked eye

The palettes used to all be the same size and shape, but the romatic eye is a skinnier palette - I think is because they've done away with the little brush drawer that was in the earlier palettes.  This doesn't bother me as I always use my own brushes anyway but my inner OCD voice is telling me it's an issue that this palette doesn't sit uniformly in a row with the others!  It doesn't have its name on one end like the others either, it just says Too Faced both sides.

So here is the contents of the previous palettes.  The natural (left) and naked (right) are my favourites for every day.

This is the inside of the Romantic eye - this one is like a vamped up version of the natural eye palette I think.  All of the palettes also come with some little cards showing you show to apply the colours for three looks.  I don't necessarily follow these, I like to mix and match.

Here's a close-up of the colours - they all have wedding related names fitting the theme of the palette.  The shadows are a mixture of mattes and shimmers and I really like all of the colours but I'll probably wear Kiss the bride and cut the cake first as they're standing out for me.   

Here are the swatches (in the same order as the palette) firstly with flash 

And without flash 

I've been using Too Faced eye shadows for a while and I think they're good quality.  Most of the ones in this palette are highly pigmented and easily give a deep wash of colour.

The palette is £26 and in the UK you can buy it on Amazon


  1. I much prefer not having that slot underneath for the brush (don't use it either), it's unnecessary bulk!

  2. Those palettes look so pretty altogether. Great review xx

  3. That palette looks so pretty. Too Faced is hard to find where I live. The palette looks similiar to the Natural Eye in the pictures (in my opinion),although the Natural Eye looks more shimmery.

    I love your blog and I would love it if you could follow it back pubicly: jaciwalker.blogspot.com


  4. The four palettes are so pretty!!!




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