7 Apr 2011

Weight watchers update

I'm now 5 weeks into weight watchers and I've lost 8lbs.  It's not as much as I'd hoped for, but the week of my birthday I put on 1.5lbs so I spent the following week losing that again!

Here's a look at what I've been munching on lately...

Weight Watchers pizzas - nice and easy when you're rushed for time.  There's several different flavours in the fresh range, usually 11 propoints each. I won't buy these very often as I'm not actually much of a pizza fan.

I added some weight watchers cheese to this one at 1pp for 20g.  I find the WW cheese a bit hard and rubbery so it's better to use it in cooking.

11pp fry up!

This messy looking dinner was an aubergine bake from the ww website - I didn't like it very much

Oi oi saveloy!  These are 5pp each - I can't believe there's something from the chip chop I can have on weight watchers!  I love these covered in salt and vinegar, so wrong but so good!

I'm rather proud of my little trifle creations.  They are perfect to have in the fridge ready for when cravings attack!  They're 3pp each using sugar free jelly, fruit, basics custard from a tin and a little reduced fat squirty cream.  I added a dash of sprinkles for fun!  It's always worth having a look at the basics / value products, they're often lower in fat / calories than the standard versions and of similar values to the be good to yourself / light choices ranges.

1pp Strawberry and banana smoothie made in my magic bullet blender using fruit, ice, splenda and skimmed milk

Sugar free orange jelly with tinned peaches (canned in natural juice) 0pp

Milkybar cow - 15pp!!!!  I ate some of this as a treat after weigh in this week!

This is my treat jar filled with low propoint chocolates. I actually don't think I can live without chocolates and biscuits, so I need these stuff to stop me going mental and completely cheating.  

WW choc orange bar - 3pp
WW choc toffee bar - 2pp
Mini Kinder bars - 2pp
WW mini moments - 1pp
WW oaty blueberry biscuit - 2pp
WW chocolate covered biscuit - 2pp
Aero lamb - haven't checked this yet but I think it will be about 5pp.  There was also a malteser bunny in here up until a few days ago and they're only 4pp - bargain!

Snack a jacks - 3pp

Necessary for all diets - extra low fat mayo! 

I usually have a WW yogurt or fromage frais for breakfast with fruit

I found these cheesecakes in Iceland - I haven't tried them yet.  They're 5pp but they look delish!  Iceland had lots of WW stuff that I'd not seen elsewhere and most of it was £1 so worth a look if you're on the plan.

And finally, more treats - skinny dipper chocolate and caramel lolly - 2pp and mango smoothie lolly - 3pp  

It must look like all I eat is crap!  It's true I do cram nice treats into my points allowance, but I think that makes the diet much easier to stick to.  I'm not very good about eating a strict three meals a day within a set routine, I'm a proper snacker, so weight watchers is really fitting in with the way I want to eat so far.

How's everyone else on WW doing? 


  1. Well done you. 8lbs is fab. Love this post :)

  2. Well done on the weight loss! How many points are you allowed a day?

  3. Hey Gem. I've awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award :) Check out my blog to see what it entails...



    ps. Have taken some of your WW tips from this post!!! :)

  4. 8lbs in 5 weeks is fab, especially considering you had a gain on your birthday too. Well done hun! I like the look of your trifle creations - I'll have to try to concoct myself a slimming world version :)

  5. Congrats on the loss!
    I didn't no the malteaser bunnies were only 4pp, don't feel quite as guilty nomming them now.
    Those trifles look great too...may have to give them a go!
    Keep up the good work
    Belle xxx


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