7 May 2011

My blogsales have now ended

Just a post to let you know my blogsales have now ended.

I've removed the posts as I don't want anyone asking to buy something which is now on its way to the boot sale and being disappointed, and for those who bought something, you don't want your email addresses getting spammed.

With the exception of one parcel which didn't have an address by the time I left for the post office this morning, everything has been sent.  If you bought something and you haven't received it within a few days, let me know.  Everything was sent recorded delivery, so I can check it for you.  Contact me by commenting or tweeting me (@tweetiegem).  I don't check my emails often unless I'm expecting something.

Thank you if your bought something or spread the word about the sales - I'm really pleased with how it's all gone, I sold loads and made about £300! Also, thank you for putting up with me tweeting and blogging about nothing else this past week!  Normal service will resume shortly!  I held a little flash giveaway as a thank you on twitter because of my incessant blogsale tweets and gave away a lipstick, a nail varnish and eyeko tinted cream to some of my lovely twitter followers.  Sorry if you missed that, but you can still enter my 250 followers giveaway instead!

The car boot sale is tomorrow and I'm going to be getting up at some stupid hour, but I'll take photos and blog about the experience.  I just hope it doesn't rain and that pikies don't rob our stall!  =)

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