22 May 2011

My giveaway winner is....

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway.  After spending what seemed like ages gathering them all into Excel and working out who had tweeted or linked on their blog I had a total of 118 valid entries.  I say valid as there were a few I decided to disqualify - some people clearly don't read the rules and just commented their contact details without a hello / goodbye / please / thank you or even "enter me", let alone recommending a blog they though I'd like! I'm sorry I find that just plain rude, so those people won't have a chance to win.

But hey ho, that means more chances for my lovely followers who left me pretty new blogs to look at and comments to make me smile =)

So without further waffle, the winner is entry number 97....

It's Lisa from It is all about creativity! You might also know her from twitter @Lisap3123

Congratulations Lisa, I hope you like your prizes!  I'll tweet you now with the good news!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and to all the lovely people who follow, read and comment on my blog.  It's much appreciated and makes me happy!


Let me know what you think, and feel free to leave your blog link! I really appreciate every comment and always reply to questions x

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