2 May 2011

New home bits and bobs mini haul

We've been doing a bit of an overhaul in the garden (when I say we, I mainly mean my boyfriend) and went to buy some equipment and accessories.

I'll do a before and after post on the garden when it's finished, for now, here's some of the more interesting things we bought.

We went into a shop called Homesense at the Lakeside outlets.  We went into this shop once before but didn't really have time to look properly, so I was excited to go back.  I think it's in some way connected to TK Maxx, but it's a big home store which reminds me of those big shops you get in the US.  The pieces sort of seem like they're not mass produced, as they're using only one or two of each thing (although I imagine they are mass produced and they just want you to think they're not!).

I think the prices are really reasonable and the stuff is very modern and on trend.  They had lots of vases and ornaments I wanted to buy, but we didn't really need them for any particular room.  Lots of the stuff was very similar to what you'd get in Next or M&S but quite a bit cheaper.

I picked out this huge black metal and pink glass lantern to go in the centre  of our garden table.  It was £14.99 which I thought was very reasonable.  There were other things which seemed like better value / more of a good deal, but I really wanted this.  It'll fit a big fat candle inside.

I also got this lantern for indoors in my hallway from Wilkinsons.  I think this was £8.  This one is designed just to hold a tea light.

For the bathroom, I just got a new toothbrush holder from Wilkinsons for £6.  I like mirrored glass stuff.

Also for the bathroom I got this pearlised shell ornament for £5 from Matalan

We also got some boring stuff like a new bath mat, and bags of soil and paving slabs, but you don't need to see that!  

Can't wait to show you bits of the new garden when it's finished.  We planned out what we wanted together by doing some rubbish drawings on A3 paper, but it's turning out well so far =)

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  1. I LOVE home shopping! great stuff you got, I may have to be a copy cat and get them lanterns


  2. gorgeous pieces :)
    I'm having a little blog sale if you're interested http://radiantmakeup.blogspot.com/

  3. Such a neat post and these are some awesome pieces!

    You have a great blog and I wondering if you want to follow each other

    My Lyfe ; My Story


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