17 May 2011

oooh, suits you Sir

On Saturday I went out to buy a suit after some disappointing attempts to buy one online.  I needed the suit for a work event I'll be away for on Monday / Tuesday.

I have a fair few suits already which I've previously bought for work.  I don't have a job where I have to wear a suit everyday, but I do need to sometimes.  Over time I've realised I don't like a couple of my suits - they're a bit dull and stuffy - I prefer to now go for ones which are slim cut or have really feminine detailing on them.  Also a couple of the ones I have are a bit tight around the waist, so I need to keep at the weight watches before I'll be wearing them again!

I decided this time I wanted to buy a matching dress and jacket suit, or a skirt and jacket suit, as all of my others are trousers.  I have lots of blazers which I wear all the time with contrasting dresses, skirts and skinny trousers, but for the event I'm going to you have to wear a dark matching suit which can be a a dress suit, or a skirt / trouser suit with a light coloured top.

I couldn't find anything like I what I wanted online so went shopping on Saturday and spent 4 hours walking around every shop before ending up back in Next and buying this.

This is what it looks like on the site

It's okay.  I'm not thrilled.  At least it's a slim fit suit, so the shape is quite nice and it was fairly reasonably priced at £75.  I've paid only a bit less that just for blazers on asos before (really nice ones though!).

I want to know what's happened to all the nice dress suits with little ruffles on the jackets.  It's sod's law that when I saw nice suits like those I didn't need them and now I want one there are none to be found.  Even in Next I found there was a complete lack of suits for sale - I think because it's Summer shops are filling their floor space with bikinis and sunglasses and are cutting back on the work-wear sections.  So my top tip for the day, buy suits in autumn and winter when there's more choice!

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  1. I never really need suits, but it makes me feel bad not to have ANY, as I feel every woman should have at least one! haha! Nice pick for this Next one, but as you suggested, I think i'll go in Autumn to pick :)


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