1 May 2011

Spring clear out - new wardrobe and accessories organization

Today I literally spent the whole day clearing out my clothes and organizing my wardrobe.  I'm doing a boot sale next Sunday and although I've been gathering stuff for ages, I wanted to have a final ruthless sort through my clothes.

I keep all hangable clothes on rails and they were starting to buckle under the weight so time to replace the rails and trim down my stuff.

The rails are from argos.  I thought I bought the same as the old ones, but it seems they've made some improvements as the bf reckons they're sturdier.

It all looks so tidy now and I chucked out so much that stuff has room to breathe on the rails!

It took hours to reach that stage though, this is the before shot when I emptied all the rails to begin the "wear it or chuck it clear out"!  If I don't wear it, I forced myself to chuck it!  I stuck to this rule most of the time with a few exceptions =) 

While the room was clear and I was sorting through the piles of clothes next door, the bf got busy with his drill and put up my little Stitch shelf.  No joke, I got this in 2005 and it's only just gone on the wall!  We've lived in our house over 3 years, so that's no excuse either!

Not sure what I want to put on the actual shelf, for now it's empty photo frames and a stitch, but the hooks are perfect for my large belts.

He also put up some decorative hooks I got from Next for Christmas.  The accessories one is holding all of my skinnier belts.  Some of the hooks had to double up with two or three belts, but I tried to coordinate them and I think it looks quite nice.

I also got the jewellery hanger which has pairs of smaller hooks.  I'm using this to hang my larger necklaces, but only the ones that won't tarnish.  If I leave anything gold coloured out the gold rubs off!

This is how they are together on the wall, I like how they're functional and pretty at the same time =)

You can see the results of my massive clear out, and maybe buy something - make-up blog sale - and  -  clothes blog sale.

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  1. Ahhh I need to sort out my clothes at the moment, got so many! The only problem is the lack of space, urgh.


  2. i really like the jewelry and accessories hangers. They are super cute!


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