16 Jun 2011

Another jewellery haul - I love my bling!

I bought this little lot when I went to Outfit last week, so it's a mixture of Topshop and Miss Selfridge jewellery.

I've fallen more in love with this filigree style heart ring since I bought it.  I'm going to plaster it in seche vite in the hope of preserving it for as long as possible!  

This was difficult to photograph and looks prettier in real life.  It's a little apple necklace and it has tiny crystals loose inside.  Very cute I think, and delicate too compared to most of my gold coloured necklaces.

This bunny ring is pretty crazy, but I couldn't help myself, I just love it!  It's a little bit Alice in Wonderland too.  It was a bit pricey at £10, but Diva jewellery was on buy one get one half price, so the deal swayed me to go for it!

Cute little apple earrings that sort of go with the apple necklace.  I spent ages in the shop moaning I'd prefer these in hot pink.  Bizarrely, I then actually found that they did sell them in hot pink, but I preferred the baby pink after all!  

Chubby owls!  

These might seem a little familiar...  I have already got chubby owl earrings exactly like this, but they were from New Look.  They're my favourite earrings and I tried to get another pair from New Look but could never find them again in any stores or online.  I was ridiculously excited (I let out a squeal and launched myself at her to hug her) when my friend found me these in Outfit.  They were more expensive than the New Look version but I'm just obsessed with them, so I bought two pairs!  More seche vite protection needed!

There's nothing like an accessories haul, jewellery always fits =) 


  1. pretty pieces :-) love the chubby owls

  2. I am mad for fruit accessories right now so naturally I am in love with those apple earrings and necklace!

  3. Really love those apple earrngs :) Dunno why but i hardly ever see jewellery i llke in Topshop but everyone else seems to fnd lovely stuff!!

  4. Lovely haul, I love the bunny earing, certainly got the wow factor! x

  5. I love the chubby owls! So cute :) x

  6. That apple necklace is really pretty :)

    My most recent post features a strawberry necklace!


  7. love the heart ring. both the apple and owl earrings are cute :)

    Cotton2 <3

  8. Awww, so many adorable accessories. Love that heart ring, its really beautiful :)

    Love Christine ♥


  9. Thanks peeps, seems this jewellery haul was a win! x

  10. Love the heart ring! The apple earrings are really cute too :)



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