7 Jun 2011

bon appetit lunch box review

As I'm doing weight watchers I bought an exciting new lunch box for taking to work.  It's much better than a normal tupperware box as it has special compartments to keep your food from going soggy or to keep things separate until you're ready to eat them.

I bought this from Next and it was £12

It has a really good seal to keep eveyrthing in the box and even comes with a fork.  You can also put it in the microwave and it has a little outlet for the steam.  

So far I've used it to make the huge potato salad your can see here and also to take a prawn salad sandwich whilst keeping the tomato and the prawns in sauce separate from the bread and the rest of the salad. 

I know it's quite pricey for a lunch box but I think it's worth it and I hope it'll help me to make more effort to take lunch to work and to make more adventurous things.

What do you think?  Any suggestions for healthy lunches I can take to work in my new lunch box?


  1. That's a great idea! I've never seen that in Next. Your potato salad looks scrummy! x

  2. I have so many lunchboxes and things...but now I want this one!

  3. @zoe - I think it might only be in the catalogue actually, I've never seen it in the shop either x

    @daisychain - it's so much cooler than a normal tupperware! Shame it doesn't seem to come in other colours!

  4. That does look good!I've been trying to take healthy lunch to work. Just made up cous cous with vegetable stock, chopped up peppers and chicken.
    Today I had cous cous with tuna and peppers.

  5. I tried a similar style lunchbox but the lid isn't secure at all. I am going to Lakeland to puck one of these up tomo! Just want I've been looking for thanks for your pics x

  6. @stundon - that's a good idea, thanks. I thought I didn't like cous cous, but I tried it again at my friend's house and it was nice. Hadn't thought of it for lunch!

    @pyxiee - I didn't know they sell it in Lakeland. Let me know if there are any other colours =)

  7. It's a great idea, I keep muching expensive lunches and eating out so i thinki'd save quite a bit geting a cool box like this!

  8. i love the idea of this. i'm so bored of having a sandwich every lunchtime. you could use the separate compartments to put croutons in that go well with a cheese salad. yummy.



  9. It looks good! :) PS I love your blog design, very sparkly!

  10. This is brilliant! I love things like this - (oh god, i'm turning in to my mother...) x

  11. I bought my boyfriend this for christmas he loves it!



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