9 Jun 2011

Come dine with the besties

Last Saturday Heather and Zara came round for some dindins.  Here's what we ate.

The food all had a bit of an Italian theme so we started off with some antipasto type nibbles.  I didn't get a photo but we also had pimento stuffed olives with feta, sweet cherry peppers stuffed with philadelphia, chorizo and proscuitto and some chilli and lemon squid.   Next we chowed down on my favourite prawn, tomato and chilli linguine with a side salad.  The salad had balsamic roasted red onions in it which are seriously yum.  I had this salad when I went for dinner at someone else's house and it was so nice I asked them to tell me how to make it.

We left desert until much later as we were so full, so I forgot to take a photo, but it was Tiramisu with raspberries.

We drank some lovely fizzy cocktails from m&s which I love.  I forgot to take photos of those as well, but I still have one left in the fridge.  This is Gin fizz but my favourite is the Kir Royale and Mojito which are so lush.  They're only £3.99 each and sometimes you get 2 for £7, bargainous!

I love having people round for dinner, but sometimes I get so stressed by it so I have to plan carefully and get started early to that I don't freak out!  I could never go on the real come dine with me!



  1. I'm so hungry now after seeing your pics! Looks like you had a great night and I must chcek out those M&S cocktails!! x

  2. Sounds great, the food looks delicious!!

    Sadie x

  3. Thanks! I wish I had remembered to take more photos!

  4. ooh it looks fabulous, i dont often have friends for dinner but when i do i try and make things as easy as possible because after a few glasses of wine i forget what im doing with timing and things lol x

  5. Looks like a great dinner parties. I love food pics on blogs! Yummy!! x

  6. That salad looks so nice! xx


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