22 Jun 2011

Graze box number 4 review

It's that time again to munch my way through a graze box... all in the name of research 

This week we have...

Italian Stallion - vom

This mix has green raisins, physalis, blueberries, cranberries.  It's a bit of a harsh 'vom' as it was nice apart from the physalis.  I'd never tried this before - it was an odd sour sort of taste and felt quite spiky to eat.  Very odd!

 Ellie's apple crumble - nom 

This was so nice I could have eaten it by the bucketload.  It has apple, cinnamon and honey almonds and sultanas - love cinnamon and sultanas and I rather like apples too, so winning all round!  I'm going to look to see if it's possible to buy cinnamon and honey almonds on their own because they were so yummy.  This one even smells delicious as soon as you open it!

Banoffee pie - nom

I was looking forward to receiving this one with banana coins, fudge pieces, pecan nuts, almond slices, and I wasn't disappointed.  It would be hard not to like something with fudge in it!  Everything about it was so tasty - the bananas weren't overpowering and I liked the pecans more than I thought I would.

Sweet and sour nuts - nom 

After disliking some of the other chilli combos with maize in, I was pleased to get this one with all nuts.  It has honey peanuts, chilli cashew nuts, lemon salted almonds. It's a really nice mix of flavours and it really is sweet and sour.  The honey peanuts were sweet and a little bit caramelised, the chilli cashews were tasty without being too hot and the lemon salted almonds were an unusual taste but I like them a lot.  I got lots of almonds in the different mixes in the box this week and can now say I like them!

If you want to give this a whirl you can get your first box for free and your second half price, just go to www.graze.com and enter my code - 1Z5QZMB - if you do, I'll get £1 off a future box too =) 


  1. The apple crumble sounds so good, definitely going to request that for my next box! x

  2. The Ellies apple crumble sounds lovely and yummy!! Thanks for your comment on my blog, you really made me laugh with what you said about your boyfriend and what he calls the foot file!! I actually laughed out loud and told my boyfriend so thats what he's calling it now too :-)
    x x

  3. @Lily - hope you like it =)

    @Jen - glad to be of service =) Told you we were nutters! xx

  4. This looks yum, especially the banoffee!!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog and for adding my button! I've just added yours too xxx

  5. @Stundon - thanks hun xx

    @Charli - ah yes you, have, thank you! Hope you like it xx

  6. Think i'd only eat one of these and enjoy the fact of being healthy not the food :D


  7. Graze boxes could actually be the best idea ever! Nom nom- I am yet to try Italian Stallion!

  8. Hiya,
    Thanks so much for introducing me to the graze box. I've just ordered my first box and I'm excited to try the yummy treats.
    Thanks again.
    Beth xx

  9. I love the names of the little sections!


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