21 Jun 2011

Happy second birthday flutter and sparkle - a giveaway

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me....

I haven't been posting solidly for 2 years, maybe only for the last six months, but flutter and sparkle is two years old today!

I've left it a bit late to think properly about celebrating my blog's birthday, so I'm going for something standard that everyone loves - MAC!  I fancy a little order myself as there are a few things I have my eye on, especially from the upcoming fashion flower collection, so I can add a little something extra to my basket for the winner.

So... the prize will be a MAC lipstick or lipgloss of your choice (providing I can get it on the MAC UK site)

This giveaway is for my followers, so you need to be a follower through GFC.  I can't check bloglovin', sorry!  Comment below telling me what your favourite flutter and sparkle post is / favourite thing about the blog and why.  A little self-indulgent I know, but hey you can be on your blog-birthday!  It also ensures that's it's actual followers entering and not those annoying giveaway profiles!

Please leave a way for me to contact you in your comment such as your email or twitter name.

There are no complicated extra entries for tweets etc, but it would be lovely to see a few tweets to make sure all my readers get to hear about the giveaway and have a chance to enter =)

The giveaway will close in just over two weeks time on Saturday 9 July.

Also, just a quick mention for blog badges - you may have noticed that I have a few blog badges displayed up on the left.  I'd like to have some more, so please let me know if you have a blog badge and are interested in swapsies xx

Help yourselves to cake... =)

ETA - I stupidly didn't consider what lovely comments I'd get and that I'd obviously want to reply to them!  So as not to mess with the entry comments, I'll reply back to you on your own blogs / through twitter xx



  1. I like your blog because opening up your page and reading your posts is like a little treat with less calories!

  2. You inspired me to start a blog and i now have a total of 16 followers and i am now ADDICTED to Blogging! So thank you Gem.

  3. Happy birthday, I would sing however I would break the screen!
    I am loving your grace box reviews, making me want to try one and with this new "health kick" I am on it might be the best time (How often do we all hear that eh? ha) My twitter name is @Charli008
    My GFC - tinker_bell1990

    Thanks and happy birthday again! x

  4. Happy 2nd Birthday Flutter and Sparkle! I always enjoy reading your blog posts! I always enjoy NOTD posts mainly as im a nailpolish addict, but I also enjoyed your homewares post you wrote waaay back in feb (I had a little look for it as it stuck in my mind for some reason!)

    My twitter is DaisyLovesxo

    Thankyoooou :) xx

  5. Happy Birthday to you and your blog! I love reading your graze posts, I can't get them where I live and they look so yummy!
    My twitter is icecoldlily

  6. For me, the best thing about your blog would be the here dedication involved! 2 years is a long time...even within a year I see blogs come and go, so yours really stands out for its commitment!

    Twitter: Musicalhouses

  7. Happy blogy birthday!!
    I have been following you fo a while now, and I am most grateful that you take time to arrange your blog so that it;s easy to read! I appreciate the pictures you put in the sides :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com
    *I follow via GFC

  8. Happy Blogger Birthday, its easy you were one of the reasons i got into blogging...i love how girly and down to earth your posts are, and i love loved all your posts that you did for your friends hen party :), sorry i know there pretty old, and i always love your posts about little nicknacks you buy for your home :)

    twitter: raymos91

    thanks lovely :) xx

  9. Happy Blogger Birthday!! I love all of your posts and they usually get me giggling, I loved your post just the other day with your strawberries and your froggy lunch box but I loved your post on boot sale madness hehe :-)
    It made me laugh so much as I could really relate to it and how stressed it gets you!!


    x x

  10. oooh this is exciting, great giveaway hun! I have only been following you for a couple of weeks, it was Sprinkle of Glitter that directed me your way, I have been reading your past posts and love the Graze Box Reviews, very interesting and informative. xx

  11. happy 2nd birthday!
    i couldn't pick one things that i enjoy about your blog simply because i enjoy reading it all!
    i'd also be willing ro swap blog badges with you if you would like x

    twitter: Samanth19

  12. I enjoy reading your blog because it is fun and cheerful! Also I'm nosey so I like seeing what you have been buying/trying out as it gives me some ideas for myself!

    Twitter: merlo84


  13. I really really love your nail posts! Especially the rainbow leopard one from ages ago.. It was around my birthday I think, which was in February :) Happy birthday to Flutter & Sparkle!

    Twitter: @beautycfw


  14. Happy blog birthday! :)
    I love your blog because your posts always put a smile on my face, I also love your blog background :)

    GFC - hannah.
    Email - hannah_in_pyjamas@msn.com

    P.S. I have a blog badge :) xx

  15. I think my favourite thing about your blog in particular is because you include lots of other random purchases you've bought like for the home and have similar taste to me with pretty jewellery and cute paperchase things! Also I like how your blog doesn't seem too serious with keeping to a theme and you just blog about all sorts of events happening in your life!

  16. Happy blogger birthday :)
    You deserve it :)
    I love your blog because it always makes me smile, whether your at a car boot sale or your lovely (and regular) hauls :)

    enter me please :)
    GFC izzy

  17. Ohhhhhh Gem! What I love about your blog is all the pinkness and most importantly, that you have the word 'Sparkle' in the title- you know my love for glitter! Bloomin' well done on 2 years of blogging- that's good going!
    Great prize ;) xxxx

    PS- It's Louise from SprinkleofGlitter but blogger wont let me comment with my google account- gargh! Technology!! xxx

  18. Entry for @Emma_Dazzle (nobody misses out!)

    I can't enter don't have my laptop, however I love reading your blog because I can go visit your little pig at the bottom. ;)

  19. I've been following you via Bloglovin for a while (I was unable to follow via GFC) but GFC has somehow allowed me to finally follow :)

    As a Foodie and Shoe lover it was hard to decide which posts I love the best but i'd have to say it's your posts featuring food that do it for me!

    I'm on a mission with my weight at the moment so i've been keep going through your archives to get tips from your weight watchers posts.

    I follow you via Twitter as @MadameGourmand
    GFC finally as Madame Gourmand (not sure why it's never let me follow before)
    e-mail is: daniella@madamegourmand.com

  20. Happy blog birthday :)

    It is so difficult to pick my favourite thing about your blog because I love it all! I love the layout as it is so pretty I don't ever want to leave!

    I particularly love all your personal update posts and haul posts, especially all the cute jewellery that you buy!



  21. happy blog birthday!
    my favorite posts are your hauls because i love seeing what people buy !

  22. I Love your blog because its different, it has a piece of everything, not just fashion or make up and I started my blog as reading yours inspired me as I originally thought interesting beautiful girls are (just like you) but the way you talk about and to your followers made me feel welcome into the Blogging community :)

  23. I love VARIETY! Lots of different posting topics. Congrats on your 2nd blog anniversary!
    I'm following thru GFC!

  24. enter me please :)
    i follow you, gfc: tinkerbelldani
    what i love about your blog???? well those cute little totoro's at the side there make me go "awwwwwwwww" everytime i am on here :) hehe! i love all your reviews and cant forget the fantastic hauls :) happy 2nd birthday! xox

  25. enter me please :)
    i love to read your primark hauls. i like to see what bargains you got

  26. Hiya,
    Well I think all your posts are fab but my fave ones are the graze box ones. Never heard of them before and as a serial snacker I'm def giving them a go. I'm trying to lose weight be healthy etc etc so I think it's a great way to start, and you've given us a discount code too. Amazing!
    Keep on blogging, another 2 years would be good :)
    Beth xx
    I follow using google, user name is beth (haha obviously it shows up when I comment durr sorry!)
    Email is welsh.pink.b@gmail.com

  27. Happy blog birthday! It's a real acheivment writing a blog for two years! It's really difficult to pick a favourite thing about your blog because I think my favourite thing is the vareity of your posts! I love your little haul posts (jewellery and home hauls), even if they do encourage more spending on my part! :P You always pick up such lovely and cute things! xx
    gfc - gemx
    email - gemxsparkle@gmail.com

  28. Happy bloggie birthday to ya!!

    wow 2 years thats brilliant, havent even made it to one year yet!! so congrats!!

    This may sound strange but i love how you always put alotta pictures in!! sometimes i think some bloggers dont stick enough pictures in and i love looking at pics of things from different angles etc.

    gfc: stephanie cummins
    email: stephmcuk@yahoo.co.uk

    thankyou xox

  29. Happy 2nd blog birthday! :)

    I enjoy your haul posts and love the fact that you always have a lot of pictures.

    GFC: MissShivX
    Email: shivx3@gmail.com

    Thanks and congrats again!

  30. I like you blog mainly for the posts. They all are helpful and relate to just a typical girl on blogger. I love the posts very muchly:D

    My email; laurenwallwork@hotmail.co.uk
    Please check out my blog:D http://makeupandmoustaches.blogspot.com/

  31. Happy blog birthday :-) Lovely giveaway, thank you.

    I love how your blog is so bright and girly I love your haul posts and the home things you have been buying as I have almost wanted everything myself :-)

    Twitter @CatherinesLoves


  32. Hey :)
    I've just started reading your blog but so far my favourite things are the graze box reviews because I was thinking about getting them :) xx

    I follow as 'Hannah xx' I think :)
    Thank you :)
    My email is hannah.facebook@live.co.uk

    thank you again! :) xxx

  33. i've just began reading your blog and i love your nail posts!
    i follow under sjmwell

    would you mind putting my blog badge on the left? i have the code on my sidebar, if you have one i'll happily put yours on there if you let me know the code :o)

    thank you for such a lovely giveaway! xx

  34. I'm following you through GFC ('spider girl') :)

    As I'm a new follower I can't really say about posts but I love the pink and glittery blog layout & header! <3

    I'm also following you on Twitter (@techspidergirl)

    techiespidergurl at gmail dot com

  35. I've just started reading your blog but so far my favourite things are the produtcs reviews. And I really like the fact that your posts are so funny and always have a lot of pictures. <3

    I'm also following you on Twitter: @paolamil

  36. I love your little updates post.They're full of cuteness and pretty (and yummy usually) things, and of course your reviews.They're really helpful :)
    I am a follower via GFC as Ria and my email is on my GFC profile.
    Have an awesome day lovely!

  37. Your nail posts are definitely my favourite! So inspiring :)
    I'm following as Jenna Suth and my email is jennasuth@hotmail.co.uk

  38. I love your Little Updates posts as I'm a nosy person and I like to see to see random pictures from people's daily lives :)

    GFC: Pyari Beauty

  39. Hello!

    GFC: Miss V
    Email: birrellv@gmail.com

    I'm not going to lie, I'm a sucker for seeing what other people eat. I'm a food nut and it always intrigues me! You eat pretty things =]


  40. Happy Blog birthday :) I love how pretty and girly your blog is, and my fave posts are your hauls and home cooked food :) Thanks for a great giveaway :)

    Contactnicolax@gmail.com xxx

  41. Hi Gem! Happy blog birthday!

    My favorite posts are hauls (:

    I also tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/GabyFauchon/status/86917744557166592

    Thank you for this great giveaway!

  42. Happy blog birthday! I have only been following your blog for a week or 2 now but I started following because I love your personality in your posts, its very genuine. I also love the variety of posts, you have beauty, fashion, food, etc and I just like the variety.

    GFC- Jess
    email - lalabellavita23@gmail.com

  43. Enter me, please! Thank you & congratulations!

    I love this giveaway post! It's a way of showing sincerity & gratefulness to the readers.

    GFC: Rachel Villanueva
    Email: rachelvillanueva@hotmail.com
    Twitter: shared this as outdoor_kitty

  44. Thank you!! PLEASE enter me! I am following your blog on GFC
    and My Name is Hershley's Sweet Kiss! My Email address is: hersh sweet kiss dot gmail com
    I added your giveaway to my sidebar at : http://sweetkissmessage.blogspot.com/

    So i love how you have the pictures on the sides. There is always something fun to look at. I love the dessert pictures! Also i love the quality of your pictures and the organizations of your postings.

  45. Hey girl! Happy almost mutual birthday. :D
    I love love your background and the sidebar pics. Very inspiring but still cute and girlie and PINK! @_happymeal <3

  46. Happy 2nd birthday to your fab blog! I'm pretty sure I haven't already entered this. My fav posts are hauls, got to love having a nosey at what others buy!

    GFC: Karla
    Twitter: @karla8852


  47. Hello thereeee!!
    Im a new followers of u.
    but, I can tell that my favorite post of yours is:
    "my first forever21 order - massive jewellery haul"
    why? because in that post, u seems so happy and experienced something new aaand it reminds me of Me. I love something new, I love to buy things that is unique and rare :)

    the thing that I love bout ur blog is, u shared almost everything with ur followers, ur so kind to them, and treat everyone the same, not picky or whatsoever :p

    email: flyplfy@yahoo.com
    twitter: @pluffys

    - peliepluffy.blogspot.com

  48. Hi,
    GFC: jessnghc
    Email: m_7639@hotmail.com
    i love your make up products hauls, it make so excited~~


  49. happy blog birthday!!! i love you post on getting ready for the car boot sale! it was a great read and made me giggle =) my email is starsglittermagic@gmail.com xxx

  50. Hi from Spain!!

    Happy blog's birthday

    I love your haul and you have an exquisite taste and wanted the girls of Gossip Girl...LOL!!!

    GFC name: bambaki83
    Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com


  51. Happy blog birhtday! This must be so exciting for you :)

    I love your clothes hauls..you always seem to give a bit of inspiration!

    GFC: Tamsin
    Email: tamsingraham@hotmail.co.uk
    Twitter: titchtamsin

    :) x

  52. I follow as HANABC123 :)
    Erm, this is a difficult one :)
    I also like your hauls because I like seeing what other people buy, partly because I am nosey haha and also it lets me know of some nice products :)

    :) x

  53. Happy blog birthday :) I hope my blog lives as long as yours! :)

    I like reading your graze box reviews, and seeing your hauls! Although I do like your other posts too, they are all really good!

    GFC - HannahM
    Email - hannah-mxx@live.co.uk

    Thanks again, glad I saw this in time before it ended :) Lucky!!!! xxx

  54. Congrats on 2 years hun, my favourite posts of yours are the hauls especially the clothes ones you buy such beautiful stuff.

    My email is vickiw089@live.co.uk


  55. Yay Happy Blog Birthdayness!

    My favourite post EVER of yours was the "Boot Sale Madness" one because whenever i thought about it i laughed for about a week after! I'm smiling now thinking about it so might have to go read it again...hehe!

    In general i like your opinion/chatty/rant(!) type posts cause they're a bit different to the other stuff out there on most blogs i follow :)

    If i win i would love Ever Hip (fat chance it will be in stock, or to be safe (as it prob won't be in stock) i'll go with Speak Louder.

    Congrats chicka & thanks! xxx

  56. Happy Blog Birthday.

    I love your 'Little Update' posts, I especially like the latest one about your day trip to London. I've been following your blog forever and I just really like your honesty which shows in every post you write.

    Jude xxx @jadlgw

  57. Oh, and my favorite thing about your website is that it always has pics! I hate a website without pics lol, too text blocky


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