6 Jun 2011

Latest asos haul

I received this asos order over two weeks ago now and just remembered I'd forgotten to do a post on it.  I took photos of everything in real life, but it just doesn't do them justice, so I'm better off using the asos photos!  I bought a little tripod, but I'm a bit scared of actually modelling the clothes or doing any OOTDs.  What a loser I am!

Vero Moda floral dress - £26

This is a bit short, so only to be worn with black tights or leggings, but I really like it.  It's an excellent shape for me and has the perfect amount of sleeve coverage that I like.

Vero Moda polka dot dress - £26

This is the same style as the one before, but the material is different.  It's that type that gets instantly creased, so I'm going to send this one back.  I hope they do more of this style in other prints in the same material as the first one.

asos taupe ruched dress - £35

I really like this colour, but it looks bulky on because of the ruched bit, so I'm sending this back too

asos olive green pencil dress - £35

I bought this for work and I think it's great as a smart dress either on its own or with different blazers.  I really like the colour too, I don't have anything else quite like it.

asos navy boyfriend blazer - £65

I adore this blazer, it was exactly how I hoped it would be when it arrived.  I'm so addicted to blazers, I have one just like this in a caramel shade too and wanted to get a similar one in navy.  When it comes to blazers I think you really do get what you pay for.  I love all of the blazers I've bought from asos and they fit really well.

asos iced latte dress - £20

I fell for the colour of this dress and the detail even though it breaks one of my top fashion commandments by having no sleeves!  I decided I'd probably wear it with the navy blazer to combat scary naked arms, but sadly after I ordered I got an email telling me it wasn't in stock.  

asos black pencil dress - £35

This is the same style as the olive green dress.  I bought it to replace my favourite black work dress as it had started to get bobbly.  This dress is so easy to throw on and accessorize, I might see if it comes in any other colours.

I placed this order using the 20% code from Look magazine.  I can't wait for the next code to come out, my save for later basket has some real beauties in it =)



  1. Wow i'm so jealous! Everything is beautiful especially the spotty dress!XXX

  2. Oh wow! Amazing haul there :) the first two are my favourites absolutely stunning :)


  3. I have that blazer in black and camel, I love it! Don't be afraid to do OOTD posts - be confident, I'd love to see how these outfits look on you :)


  4. @danielle - thank you! I am sad to be sending that one back, it is pretty!

    @ally and @fashionismyh2o - thank you =)

    @sophia I love blazers so much, I have too many now but can't stop buying when I see nicer ones! Thanks for the ootd encouragement! xx


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