19 Jun 2011

Little updates

I went to Edinburgh for a work thing and had to fly there and back in the same day.  This involved getting up at 4am, so I treated myself to some wake-up food at the airport. mmm you  really can taste the calories in that shake!

One of the plus sides of the trip is that Edinburgh airport has had a make-over recently and now has a MAC counter.  Oh yeah!  I bought creme cup lipstick as I've wanted it for ages.  When I won Lou's giveaway I was torn between choosing that or creme d'nude, so now I have both.  I also got Myth in a blogsale recently, so here's all three of the new additions to my collection.  I've not swatched as you've seen these colours a billion times already I'm sure.  

Creme cup


Creme d'nude

I also nearly bought a second lippie in an adventurous (slash tired from getting up at 4am) heat of the moment decision, but it was out of stock, so I have more time to ponder whether or not it's for me.  I can't really find a good swatch online to show you (googling MAC Craving brings up all sorts of mac wishlist posts!) but it's a nice berry shade and I have nothing like it already.

My bf is growing some strawberries in our garden and is facing a daily battle to get them to ripen before they're eaten by a greedy little slug.  Bless the mini harvest of two whole strawberries!

I popped into Primark (where incidentally I came out with the smallest stash ever as there was literally nothing nice to buy - more about that another time) and did a double take when I saw these.  Seriously - Primark is selling clip in hair now???  It's £6 for 4 clip in pieces in a wide range of shades.... err brown or blonde! 

Possibly the worst camera phone picture ever, but it was dark.  Cocktails with the girls, always a win.

As I'm scared of the "jaaaamy" and "toffeeee" monkies, we opted for chocolate.  Let's hope a choccie baboon (or what ever they are) doesn't climb out of the pack and attack.

my new froggy lunchbox from Sainsburys =)  Yep that's right, I'm 3 years old

I finally hunted down a copy of Glamour with Posie tint.  This one seems to be the most popular, well in my area anyway.  

The asos sale is imminent and due to start tomorrow.  I'm a bit miffed that they seem to have a new system of giving out slots to look at the sale, a little bit like Next. However with Next I believe they send invitations based on how often you shop with them and your time is then determined by your speed of response to book your slot.  With asos it all seems to be a bit of a childish marketing ploy getting people to play games and pass the link on through facebook and twitter to get to the front of the queue.  I'm finding this all a bit patronising and insulting really, but I shall wait to see how the sale slots actually work.  In any case, it's not going to stop me shopping in the sale, unless of course it's all been bought up by people who had the time to play matching pairs thousands of times...

I have my eye on this, although I'm sure it's too new and too nice to be in the sale!

I don't often eat at McDonald's as we all know it's bad for us and I'm usually on some diet or another.  But, when I saw this advert for the double taste shakes, I was desperate to try the tropical and vanilla flavour.  

Cut to an early visit to the drive through, and here's what they actually look like in real life!  My tropical one isn't too bad, but it sucks to be the bf with that mangled chocolate mess!  If you're wondering, the chocolate one is just a chocolate milkshake with some sauce messily squirted all over it, the tropical one is vanilla milkshake with a nice fruity sauce - it was yummy but the sauce just gets stuck to the side!  Bit of a fail really!

I like Lilly Allen's music, but I'm not a fan of her personally, if her tv persona is to be believed.  I had a little nosey at her wedding photos and good luck to her - she looks happy and she has a baby on the way too.  Her dress is not for me.  I don't understand why people are comparing it to the wonderous K Middy princess dress - the only similarity I can see is the colour and the presence of sleeves.  K Mids did not have an earmuffs veil!

What did interest me about this wedding is what Lilly's sister Sarah wore... you don't get your boobs out like that to a wedding unless you're trying to grab a slice of the pie for yourself... just saying

A quick mention for the new #bblogger forum which I don't think has really taken off yet, but I'm hoping it will in a big way.  If you haven't joined in yet, please head over to http://beautyfashionlifestyle.freeforums.org

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  1. Totally agree about Sarah Allen's dress, a bit too attention grabbing. Didn't really like Lily's dress either, or the hat/ear muff veil x

  2. Loving this post!! I love the look of your strawberry's and the froggy lunch box is so cute :-) I've got Creme Cup and Creme D'Nude and im in love with Creme Cup, im sure you'll love it!!
    x x

  3. I love the frog lunch box, you can never be too old for a cool lunchbox! :P
    The asos dress is really pretty, I love the colour, hopefully it's in the sale for you!
    I wanted to the new mcdonalds milkshakes, I figured they would be pre-prepared. I'll have to go when there isn't a rush or I might end up with a crazy mess! xx

  4. Your lunch box is amazing!
    Totally agree about Lilly Allen's sister, my jaw dropped when I saw that photo and not in a good way! I would kill my sister if she had her baps out like that at my wedding!
    We gave up on growing strawberries, we attempted it last year and I think we managed to eat one cause all the others had been eaten haha!
    The chocolate dodgers are amazing! xx

  5. Thanks for adding me as a 'blog to follow' my lovely!

    I'm jealous of your mini Mac haul, I need one soon! Think Creme Cup is gonna be a must have xxx

  6. Whoa, a lot of things I want to comment on !:) Lovely shades of the lipstick, I know all too well how painful it is to be at the airport early like that ! 3 years of commuting on the plane to see Mr has left me with no desire to ever fly again :P at least not early! Re Primark, WTF? That is just plain creepy. I wonder how many people would actually buy it, right? And re sale in Asos, I was just thinking the same thing today. It's annoying that you pure have to win your space at the sale. They lost kudos with me for that!

  7. @Torieee - I just had to post it as I was so shocked when I saw it!

    @Jen - thanks hun - I wore creme cup today and you're right, I love it!

    @Gemx - thanks, I love a bit of quirky! Not sure if the time of day will make a difference - it was early and fairly quiet when we went so I guess the server just wasn't very artistic!

    @Stundon - aha another thumbs up for the froggy! Thanks. I guess this is why most brides make their sister a bridesmaid, then they can dictate what they wear!

    @Manda - of course hun, you know I love the tubby leopard xx

    @Filipa - aww thanks for the post lovin' - I was worried it might be a bit long and bore! I used to love flying when I only did it for holidays! Just checked out the asos sale actually, need to do a post on my thoughts about the whole pr shambles of it!

  8. The Asos sale thing is so stupid. I did the game a few times and it said I had over taken 1000 something people and I never got an invite or anything. I only realised it had gone live while browsing the site today. Asos has so many items though, stuff is on sale all year round so I'm too gutted and definitely won't be bothering next time!


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