26 Jun 2011

Little updates

I'm surprised to be doing another "little updates" so soon, but I seem to have accumulated a few bits of news and stuff.

On Thursday I had a day off work which was sort of a lieu day, so as it wasn't actually holiday, I decided to completely waste it by doing lots of lazing around the house.  The day kicked off with some Jeremy Kyle, Obvs, and was followed by This Morning whilst reading blogs.

This was my breakfast which I ate whilst cringing over the plight of Jeremy Kyle's latest batch of guests.  I hardly ever have breakfast as I don't get up early enough in the week and can't really be bothered as the weekend.  This is what I considered to be the world's best breakfast - toast, marmite, cheese, massive cuppa =)

I had quite a few packages delivered this week, mainly from shopping the sales, so I saved them up for devouring on my day off.  Here we have some asos, forever21 and miss selfridge.  I guess I'll have quite a few haul posts coming up then!

My asos order came with a free sample of Carmex strawberry lipbalm.  Carmex is a lipbalm brand I've never tried but people seem to go on about it being great, so I gladly ripped open the little sachet and slapped some on.  

The verdict - it's disgusting.  I really don't get it.  It smelt awful, like strawberry mixed with disinfectant.  Me no likie.  

The rest of the day off was consumed by baking.  We were having a charity day at work the following day and as we were support two children's charities ( Bliss for premature babies and Demelza which is a children's hospice) we had a "back to school" theme.  

I made cupcakes with grades and little school badge slogans on them such as "Head Boy", "Nerd", "School bully", "Rich Kid" and err... "School Bike".  They didn't come out as well as I hoped - it was really difficult to write on the icing.  If you're interested in how I made these / the recipe, I will be doing a blog post on all of the items I made soon.

I also made chocolate apple cinnamon flapjacks (inspired by the yummiest flapjack from my Graze box)

And these - the simplest but the most effective - chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick - proper nom!

A few photos of the goodies on display at the charity day (it's not me in any of these photos - I was behind the camera).  My boss dressed up as a school girl for the day, which really impressed me actually, I would never have expected her to do it!  I have a photo, but it's just not worth the risk of posting it!

I've decided to have a little play around with making some blinging phone covers - I'm still guessing in terms of what I need and there's some more bits to come through the post, but here's the equipment so far.  I can't wait to get going with this!

After finally buying a crucifix ring, it turned up broken =( 

I got these Crest teeth whitening strips probably about a year ago now when I did a UK / USA swap.  I really don't know why I've not gotten round to trying them yet, other than I suppose that I'm scared they'll cause more sensitivity in my teeth.  I've started using them this week and have taken a 'before' photo so I'll be back with the results and a full review.  

My glossy box arrived on Friday morning.  I think I'm quite lucky living near a sorting office that the last two boxes have arrived early on the first day.  Both times I've been able to quickly photograph the contents and get it up on the blog by about 8.30am for anyone who can't wait to find out what's inside.  

It'll come as no surprise to you that along with the rest of the world, I was a bit disappointed with this months' box.  

We now know that there was variation in the boxes this month, but these differences didn't seem to line up with the preferences we'd put on our little survey.  My variable product was the body buff, which is okay.  Having seen the other options I'm quite pleased I got this, the only thing I would have preferred is the lipgloss that I saw others had.  I was also pleased I got the berry shade OPI rather than the silver one.

Seeing what others had in their box made me appreciate mine a little more, but I'm still unimpressed by the stinky granny perfume and the mini can of Batiste - I have no issues with Batiste but a can that size is worth about 50p and it's not a "luxury sample"! I am looking forward to trying out the serum as I am at a stage where I'm seeing wrinkles and I ain't happy about it!  However I do think it was silly to include that product in everyone's box as a lot of the subscribers will be a lot younger than me and will not have a use for an anti-ageing serum.  

I think glossybox have perhaps launched too soon before they were really ready and had properly planned and researched everything.  Their first box gained them tonnes of attention and orders, and the second one has sadly undone much of that.  Combined with the announcement of the price increase from £10 to £12.95 unfortunately I doubt glossybox will still be around this time next year.  

I've decided to stay and get the July box out of sheer curiosity, but I will definitely be cancelling before September.  I won't pay more than £10 for a mystery box of stuff!

I popped to the shops for a few things I needed on Saturday and had a little browse of the H&M sale.  There wasn't much I liked, other than this jacket.  It looked quite naff on the hanger, but something made me want to try it on.  I'm glad I did because I love it and have already thought of so many outfits that it goes with.  It was only £10!  Cue awkward shot of me in the changing rooms.  I really don't know how you OOTD girls do it - I looked ridiculous whatever post I went for! 

One of the main reasons I got up early and went shopping was to check out the Zara sale.  You may remember from a few weeks ago I was drooling over these shoes but I wasn't prepared to pay £60 for suede shoes as they tarnish so easily.  

The sale faeries must have been smiling as they had two pairs left, both size four, so they're now mine!  They were down to £40 (I had hoped it would be £30!) so I just went for it.  Considering I'd seen someone trying to sell them on eBay for £120 it was a bargain!

I think they're just the classiest shoes ever and will be something I reserve for special smart occasions.  I'm going to get some suede protector spray for them too - never tried this so I hope it works.  

The bf and I had a silly falling out and he came home with flowers for me and a Tesco finest dinner that he could heat up himself.  Aww bless!  We had prawn cocktail, an extreme lasanga with garlic bread, and profiteroles.  (Yes I am still supposed to be on weight watchers!)

I started the 30 day shred this week.  If you don't know what it is, check it out on Amazon - it's a work out dvd where you have to do 20 minutes of intense exercise every day for 30 days and it promises big results.  

You need weights to do the workout so I bought some Davina Mccall weights from Argos and have started off using the lightest ones and will see how I go.  

I'm documenting my weight, measurements and aches and pains, so will do a post on this when I'm 10 days in (if I make it that far!)

Today I'm looking forward to the sunshine - summer finally!  I'm going to make the most of it by getting out in my garden for some serious sunbathing.  

I luckily have the day off work tomorrow - which is supposed to be another scorching, amazing day - as it's my anniversary with the bf.  We have a restaurant in Soho booked for the evening and were planning to mooch around the city in the day, but as the weather's going to be so nice we might need to think again as I want to make the most of the sun!  

Woah that was a long one!  Well done if you made it this far - reward yourself by entering my blog's second birthday giveaway!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend xx

Whoops nearly forgot - new blogs to follow







  1. Those cupcakes look divine! Such a cute idea and the chocolate covered marshmallows would never have survived if I was around ha-ha super pretty! Great everyone got into the spirit of it too :). Those shoes are absolutely amaaazing! Well done for getting such a bargain and I bet you'll wear them so much - they're just one of those pairs!
    Good luck with the 30 day shred and have a great anniversary!


  2. love all the pictures :-) and that massive cuppa is right up my street. Sucks about the ring being broken, are you getting a refund or a replacement?

  3. Fab post, Loved the cake / flapjack pics :) xx

  4. @fashionismyh2o - wow you really paid attention- thank you lovely xx

    @Nicole - They said they'd give me a refund. Not sure if I have to return the ring or not, if not I might have a go at it with some superglue!

    @Madame Gourmand - thanks - recipes coming soon!

  5. LOVE this post and mahoosive thanks for the mention!

    Those cupcakes and chocolate marshmallows look amaze! I don't like marshmallows except for when they're covered in chocolate! The school theme looks fab! I particularly like the 'school bike' cupcakes haha!!

    I just read the bit about your boyfriend to Spencer, saying "you never do anything like that when we have a row, you're shit" haha!!!

    I look forward to hearing about the shred, I've been debating it but don't think I'm motivated another - good luck with it.

    Happy anniversary lovely :)


  6. Great blog,nice pics and style ! happy to follow here ! XOXO


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