11 Jun 2011

A random act of wowness

A little while ago I won a competition on Louise's blog sprinkle of glitter.  To enter the competition you had to guess the name of Louise's baby (aka baby glitter). 

The prize was a mac lipstick in any shade and I decided to ask for creme d'nude as it's one I've been wanting to try for a while.

Being a busy mummy, Louise couldn't get my lipstick right away, but that was fine by me - she let me know when she was going to be getting it.  On Thursday, after the postman leaving a missed parcel card, my boyfriend picked a package up for me which was waiting at home after work....  

I was unsure what it was as it was large-ish and lumpy - definitely not a mac lippie I thought, *sad face*.  I started trying to work out what I had ordered when I noticed the return addess said it was from Louise.  Just what had this lovely blogger been up to eh?

I opened the jiffy bag and was greeted by this pretty tissue paper wrapped around some mystery goodies!  How exciting!

Inside there was a label letting me know I had received a "random act of wowness"!  How fabulous!  Whatever was inside smelled lovely and was sprinkled with glittery hearts.

And here's all of the lovely contents after I had unpacked it.  Louise was a naughty little yummy mummy and included lots of extra goodies for me - as if a Mac lippie wasn't enough!  She also sent me a sweet message on kitten note paper - aww!

Louise I love my random act of wowness, thank you so much!  I now have even more lovely new lip products to try out - there'll be a post on me swatching these soon together with the other Mac lippie I acquired recently at the airport.  

I should also mention I had a bit of a ditsy moment when I first looked at the little animal soaps... originally I spied the white one and thought it was chocolate!  It's lucky it said body shop on the bag and that they smelled like pretty soaps as I can't imagine they taste nice!  Duh!

Thanks again Louise, you are one very super-dooper lovely lady xx

I'm sure you already follow Louise, but if not, check her out.  She's nuts as well as being lovely and makes hilarious youtube videos and writes a brilliant blog

♥ Louise's blog  

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Louise and beautiful baby glitter 



  1. Awww such a lovely surprise!!

  2. such a sweet surprise!and trust me, eating novelty soaps is never good..I got given one in a partybag when i was three, and thinking it was a strawberry sweet, i tried to eat it :|:| bad times xx

  3. Fab packaging that would keep me entertained!

  4. That's so kind. I love Louise's blog and youtube too, she's great! xxx

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. It's so nice to get a little surprise =)


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