26 Jul 2011

Mac Craving lipstick review and swatches

After the London bloggers meet up event the other week, I paddled through the rain to get to Covent Garden so I could pick up this lipstick.  I tried it at Edinburgh airport in May and decided I wanted it but they were sold out.  

It's Craving by Mac and it's a dusky berry sort of shade

The colour probably looks truest here on the back of my hand, although I'd say it's still darker than this in real life

My first lip swatch - hello trout pout!  Don't lips look funny close up?!

My camera has really made this come out so much lighter than it actually is.  For a better swatch, have a look at Temptalia.  I'd say her swatch on the hand is pretty true to life although it's still coming out lighter in her lip swatch than I think it really is.  

Craving is an amplified creme which is possible my favourite finish on a Mac lipstick as it's not at all drying, goes on really easily and looks a little bit plumped. It also lasts quite a while on my lips too.

I'm slowly building my Mac lipstick collection and although they are a bit pricey, I really love the quality and the finishes.  I just can't wear cheap lipsticks now, they just don't glide on as nicely or have such good shades.  

What do you think?  Are you craving it...?  (sorry!) 


25 Jul 2011

Little updates

Time for a little catch up

Here's a little blinging iphone case I made.  I thought it would be fund to give this a go, and it was, but it took hours!  I don't know how the people who make these for a living have the patience!

The boyf has been digging a massive hole in our garden 

Sadly he's not building a swimming pool - it's a new pond

Here's me pretending to drive the digger but really I'm just posing.  Heels, dress and sunnies while driving the JCB - that's how I like to roll

The boyf had a pair of transformers (robots in disguise) - a digger plus an electronic wheel barrow / dumper thingie 

The view out of the front door - classy 

Onto more interesting and girlie things

I made some more yummies on a stick but this time I added some strawberries into the mix for a little oooh la la before dipping in the chocolate

I bought this dress for my upcoming weekend in Liverpool but I'm just not sure about it.  

I wanted to wear it with these shoes, but I really don't think it goes =( 

It's very flowy so I'd also need to wear a belt like this with it 

What do you think?  Somebody tell me what to do please! 

And finally in rather exciting news (and maybe shocking to some?) I got botox!

Here's a 'before' shot 

And a close up of the offending area

The lines don't actually show up as bad in this photo as they did in real life.  I've had three major deep lines all the way across my forehead since I was 18 or 19.  Clearly I spend my life frowning and looking angry!  

After thinking about getting botox ever since I first heard about it, I finally booked an appointment for baby botox - think botox-lite for beginners.  So far I'm delighted with my crease free forehead.  It can continue improving for up to two weeks so after that I'll do a full before, after and during (yes I have photos of the needle!) post and review.  

That's all for now xx


23 Jul 2011

**CLOSED** Sigma F80 brush review and giveaway


A few weeks ago now I applied to be a Sigma affiliate and was sent a F80 flat top kabuki brush.  I've been road testing it to apply my liquid foundation every day since I got it.

Here's what Sigma say about the brush: 

This exclusive flat top synthetic kabuki was designed to deliver a flawless makeup application. The Sigma Makeup F80 is a buffer brush that can be used to blend powder or liquid products. The short and dense bristles make it easy to buff your liquid foundation. The long handle adds comfort to your makeup application. The synthetic fibers are ideal to be used with liquid products and can be easily cleaned. Made of Synthetic Sigmax HD filament.

I've never used a brush like this to apply my foundation before - I usually use a sponge.  I tried a brush once, after hearing that using a brush is the best way to get flawless application, but it was a long time ago and it was just one of those stiff paintbrush looking ones from Avon and I wasn't impressed!

This brush is different from anything else I've tried.  The flat top means that you sort of buff and stipple the foundation onto your skin and because of this I've found the application really even.  I apply foundation to my face in dots and then go around my face buffing them in and joining them up.  I've been able to get both light and heavy coverage using the brush in this way.

I'm really pleased I got to try this brush as it has made a real difference to how my foundation looks on my skin.  The brush feels like good quality too - some of my much cheaper brushes shed hairs which is so damn annoying!

Sigma are offering one of my readers the chance to try the F80 flat top kabuki too, so please comment below if you would like a chance to win.  Make sure you're following with GFC then just comment with your email address or twitter name for contact purposes, nothing complicated! 

The giveaway will close on 6 August.  I will pick the winner using random.org and contact you for your address.  The brush will be sent out directly from Sigma.  

If you'd like to check out the Sigma range, click on the picture below - these brush sets are so cute - the pink or purple one is at the top of my Christmas list (yes, I have started my Christmas list in my mind!)

Good luck =)


21 Jul 2011

Weight watchers update - what I ate this week: veg fest

This is my first weight watchers update for quite a while - I've not really been doing it properly you see!  I've still been going to meetings, but I've just got completely out of the habit of planning meals, writing down what I've eaten and counting points.  After a few weeks of losing nothing or putting weight I'd lost back on, I decided a drastic action plan was needed to kick things back off.  This consisted of mainly eating zero propoints and very low propoints food, and trying to cut out carbs and sugars.  

Here's what I ate for dinner each day.

Prawn stirfry - no noodles, just veg, pak choi and bean sprouts 

Grilled flat mushrooms with salsa and mozzarella and Jamie Oliver cabbage with bacon, onions and garlic

Grilled chicken and mango salad with M&S chilli mango dressing

Butternut squash, spinach and cauliflower curry (with rice... I couldn't help it)

Fake Sunday roast - grilled chicken in chicken gravy, broccoli and roasted veg overload (carrots, parsnips, onions, courgette and mushrooms)

Baked cod with mozzarella and tomato on spinach and Philadelphia with roasted veggies

There are 6 days of dinners here - I ate out on the missing seventh day and had sushi

I took salads to work for lunch each day and remembered to take photos of two of them.  I also had boiled egg salad, and a cheese salad.  

Prawn and avocado salad 

Parma ham wrapped cheese salad with balsamic vinegar and salad sprinkles

The butternut squash curry was for a night when I had friends round, and I made a yummy low calorie pud.

Fruity faux trifle with passion fruit topping

It was weight watchers peach and orange jelly with fresh peach, kiwi and grapes.  I topped it with some low fat custard and then low fat squirty cream and half a passion fruit.  

I was amazingly well behaved by my standards, and I lost a pound at weigh in.  A little disappointing, but I'd been really bad the week before and I think that caught up with me.  I'm continuing the healthy theme this week and am hoping for a better loss.

If you'd like to know, here's how to make two of the dinners I had last week

Butternut squash, spinach and cauliflower curry

First, peel and chop your butternut squash.  In my opinion, there's no vegetable more evil than a butternut squash when it comes to preparation.  They're so hard to cut through!  You might want to consider buying it pre-chopped.

Chop into small chunks and add to your pan which should be sprayed with fry light or some other low calorie cooking spray.  Then throw in some chopped onions and your cauliflower.  If you want a tastier and spicier curry, also add chopped garlic and chilli.  Some of my friends are wimps, so I was going for a mild curry here and didn't add these!  

Next cover all your veg with a tin of chopped tomatoes, a can of coconut milk (low fat if possible) and some thai red curry paste and mix well.  You can add more of less of the curry paste depending on how spicy you want the curry to be.  Mix well, cover with a lid and bubble away on high.

After about half an hour or so, if your veg were all covered in liquid, the butternut squash should be tender.  The cauliflower should start to break up a bit and some of it may mash into the liquid - that gives a nice consistency to the curry.  Leave the lid off at this stage for the sauce to thicken and then add your spinach for the last few minutes of cooking - just enough time for it to wilt.

Serve with plain boiled rice - yum

Prawn and pak choi stiry fry 

Start by shopping all of your vegetables and add them to a wok to stir fry.  I used spring onions, chilli, bell peppers and mushrooms.  When these vegetables are nearly cooked, add the prawns and then the bean sprouts.

If you've not come across pak choi before, this is what one looks like - it's a Chinese leafy vegetable.  I wash it and then just cut the leaves off.  I'm not sure if this is what you're supposed to do or not!

Add the pak choi during the last few minutes of cooking - it just needs a little time to wilt.

I then added a sachet of Blue Dragon black bean sauce, but could easily have used sweet and sour or some other chinese stir fry sauce.  This sachet serves two and is 4 pro points per serving.

Quick and easy to make and you have a really nice carb-free stirfry 

A bit of a food overload post for you there, but from previous comments my weight watchers update posts are usually quite popular.  I know get a bit obsessed with wanting to know what other people eat and love posts like this, so I hope it helps if you're doing weight watchers or just trying to eat healthily.  

Feel free to leave me some suggestions for other low-carb, veggie packed recipes, or if you want to know anything more about any of these meals, just let me know. 

**Spoiler alert!!!** What's in the July glossy box? Photos of contents **Spoiler alert!!!**

Here it is....

No time to talk, sorry, but on first impressions it's a million times better than last month.  The only slightly dodgey item being the body oil.  I'll be interested to see what the variable products were this time.  Let me know what you got in yours.


20 Jul 2011

Camouflage Leopard NOTD

I haven't done leopard nails in ages, so I thought I'd give it another go.  I always gets lots of people asking about it and some think it's a transfer or that I had it done professionally.

I used Models Own Grace Green, Vintage Pink and the black nail art pen plus Nails Inc Caramel and some Seche Vite top coat.  

I like Grace Green, but find ten green sludge nails a bit much, so I much prefer it mixed in with some coordinarting colours in a look like this.  Much more wearable.

I alternated the colours so that they were a bit different on each hand.  I like =)  The neautral leopard nail (Caramel with Vintage Pink spots) is my favourite - I'd happily wear a full set of this combo


17 Jul 2011

The Next sale July 2011 - in store 5am haul!

Yesterday morning I got up at 4.15 to go to the next sale with my equally mental bestie.  I'd already ordered online with my vip slot on Wednesday night, so I didn't want to buy too much, although there were some bits which were sold out online which I hoped to get in store.  

Here's what I got...

A little froggy umbrella - I mainly bought this to take to TOWIB as I the forecast was for rain all day (they weren't wrong there) and all my other umbrellas are the kind that don't fit in a handbag.  £6

Pretty birthday cards just 50p each

Not so sure about these shoes - they do seem really comfy to walk in but I'm worried they look a bit frumpster.  The bestie bought these in pink.  £14

I wanted these wedges in beige but they only had green.  I do like them, but I need to come up with several outfits they'll go with to convince myself I can keep them! £14

Pretty crackle vase for my dining room - £6

Ruffle swimsuit - now I have to book a holiday!  £14  This was sold out online so I was pleased to find this in the shop.

And some more home bits - glasses 50p (I already have a set of these so thought I'd get two back-ups), pretty pastel cutlery £6, and cute coasters £2 for 4.

Cake tins for my baking escapades - £6

The most boring thing I think I've ever shown in a haul post - recycling bags / bins!  £6

No clothes really other than the swimsuit, but I had ordered some from the online sale and they should turn up this week.  

Do you get up early for sales or am I mad?
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