16 Jul 2011

Coral sea accent nail NOTD

Just a quick NOTD - this was the nail look I wore for the blogger event I went to today - TOWIB - more about that in tomorrow's post.

This is not my usual NOTD pose, but I was sitting with my hands on my bag like this on the train and I thought it'd make a pretty picture, so I got the bf to snap it for me when I got home.  

It rained so much today, I got soaked twice and my shoes literally had puddles in them so I was glad to get home and change into pjs and warm fluffy socks!

The nail varnishes I used for this were Nails Inc Hans Crescent and Models Own top turquoise. I decided to name this coral sea because that's what the colours remind me of and as it's the name of one of the hotels I've been looking at going to in Egypt.  I really want to book a holiday asap!  If you've been to Egypt (Sharm specifically) and have any recommendations for where to stay or who to book with, please let me know =)


  1. Wow I love that, especially the coral colour.

    Sarah xx

  2. so cute :D i love the flower ring too

    shel xx

  3. Oh wow! This Looks So Goood! Im so going to copy this Tomorrow! Lol!

  4. I need to get my hands on this gorgeous coral Nails inc polish! It is beautiful! I am also in LOVE with your Marc jacobs watch!

    I have been to Egypt and would highly recommend! The weather is amazing and the hotels are beautiful! The most popular place to stay in Sharm is Naama bay, but other areas are Sharks bay and Nabq bay (which is where i stayed) however all are in easy reach to one another! I want to go back i loved it so much :)


  5. @pinksweetsz really? send me a photo if you do! xx

    @dainty dollymix thanks Sinead, I might come and bug you on Twitter for some more Egypt tips! xx

  6. You were right, that does make a good photo :)

    I'm very jealous even of just your plans to go to Egypt - I've never been so can't help I'm afraid. I'm just desperate to get away, anywhere! (But don't think it's going to happen - booo)



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