4 Jul 2011

Graze boxes 5 and 6

I forgot to show you my graze boxes for the last two weeks - here's a catch-up  of the munchy crunchiness I've been enjoying

Box 5

Strawberry milkshake - nom 

I was looking forward to getting this in my graze box.  It's a mixture of strawberries and bananas with big fat white chocolate buttons.  Mmm proper tasty!

fire nuts - nom 

I was disappointed with some of the other spicy savoury snacks in my past boxes, but this one made up for it.     I liked all three types which were chilli cashews, chilli almonds and wasabi peanut crackers.  Nice and spicy.

sun dance - nom 

This is a lovely healthy mix and really tasty too - I'm really loving the green raisins which I've had in lots of my boxes so far.  The big yellow pieces are mango, which I really liked and the little chocolate bits are choc covered sunflower seeds.  You wouldn't usually catch me with a seed unless I was feeding it to my hamster, but cover it in chocolate and I'm on it like Sonic.

green olives with basil and garlic - nom 

I love green olives and I love garlic, so this was a no brainer nom for me!

Box 6

olives with chilli and garlic - nom

more olives in the next box.  I liked these, but there were a few purple olives and I don't usually eat them as I just find them mushy and funny tasting and not as nice as the green ones at all.  I'm still rating this a nom though as it contained mostly green olives and they were lovely and tasty.

apple and cinamon flapjack - nom 

You've seen this one before - I think it was in my first box.  I marked this as a 'love' and ticked 'send soon' which is why I got it again.  Demolished in seconds =)

fennel seed and honey peanuts - vom 

I usually like those honey types nuts, so I expected this to be really nice.  I'd never had fennel before - they just looked like little seeds on the nuts so I thought they were there more for texture than anything, a bit like sesame seeds, but I found they had a really strong and overpowering flavour which I didn't like.  I let the bf eat them!

Banana split - nom 

This looked a little bit boring having plain cashews in it, but actually it was a really well balanced mix with the nuts, fruity banana and then the sweet chocolate covered puffed rice.  It was nice to have all these different textured too, it made it really interesting to eat if that's not too much of an odd thing to say!

I was wondering if I should cancel the boxes now as I might have tried all the good stuff, and then today's box dropped through the door.  I'll leave you in suspense until next week to show you what was in it and review the contents, but there was an amazing looking new mix in there which I cannot wait to stuff into my face.  It's from the new summer range of mixes and it looks amazing so I think I'll keep going with the orders for a while longer yet!

Have I made you hungry?  Fancy doing some grazing yourself?  You can get your first box for free and your second half price, just go to www.graze.com and enter my code - 1Z5QZMB - if you do, I'll get £1 off my next box of nommy nomminess too, ta very much =) 



  1. These boxes look great, I'm definitely going to request Sun Dance for my next box. x

  2. I died after the first one- strawberries, bananas and chocolate buttons!! No frickin way- that is the best combination ever! (it also made me crave som chcoclate buttons right there!)


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