31 Aug 2011

Have you seen what's new at Graze?

I stopped posting weekly updates on what was in my Graze box once the foods started to repeat as I didn't want it to get really boring for you all!  I'm quite choosy with what I want in my Graze box, so I don't have a wide variety of different things turning up.  But, each time Graze add some new products I tend to give them a whirl.  The latest new additions are quite exciting - snacks with dips!

Hot mango salsa 
Mango pieces with chilli jam
Black pepperdoms
black peppercorn rice crackers with mango chutney
Tomato dipinetti
rosemary grissinetti with slow cooked tomato relish
Toffee apple
apple slices with sticky toffee sauce

Fruity ploughmans
roasted poppy seed flatbread with apple and pear chutney

I can't wait to start receiving these in my graze boxes, they all look so nom!

If you've not tried Graze and would like to, you can get your first box for free and your second half price.  Just go to www.graze.com and enter my code - 1Z5QZMB - if you do, I'll get £1 off my next box of nommy nomminess too, ta very much =)

30 Aug 2011

Autumn jewellery wish list - bling bling!

It doesn't matter how much costume jewellery I have, I always feel like I don't have enough choice when I'm getting ready.  Luckily most costume jewellery is really cheap so it doesn't hurt to keep buying new pieces.  Here's my wishlist from the new jewellery out for Autumn from Forever 21, Asos and River Island. 
bling wishlist autumn 2011
I used polyvore to clip all the images.  I haven't used it in ages so I thought I'd give it a go.  Not sure why all the prices below have come out in dollars though and I don't know how to fix it!  If you know, please tell me!

River Island teal jewelry
£10 - riverisland.com

River Island watch
£22 - riverisland.com

Forever21 beading ring
$4.80 - forever21.com

Forever21 faux jewelry
$4.80 - forever21.com

ASOS gold tone earrings
$11 - asos.com

River Island black jewelry
£8 - riverisland.com

ASOS letter jewelry
$18 - asos.com

River Island stone jewelry
£13 - riverisland.com

River Island black jewelry
£7 - riverisland.com

Forever21 lacquer jewelry
$3.80 - forever21.com

ASOS thin ring
$11 - asos.com

Forever21 chain jewelry
$6.80 - forever21.com

ASOS heart jewelry
$11 - asos.com

Forever21 chain jewelry
$5.80 - forever21.com

Forever21 bow jewelry
$2.80 - forever21.com

Disney Couture pave jewelry
$224 - asos.com

River Island gold skull necklace
£8 - riverisland.com

Chain jewelry
$4.80 - forever21.com

ASOS chain jewelry
$11 - asos.com

Forever21 chain jewelry
$4.80 - forever21.com

Forever21 leopard print jewelry
$6.80 - forever21.com

Louise Gray chain jewelry
$60 - asos.com

ASOS face jewelry
$15 - asos.com

Asos Double Finger Sausage Dog Ring
$15 - asos.com

Seen anything you like?


29 Aug 2011

MUA dusk til dawn palette review and swatches

I have four of the MUA professional palettes and decided it was about time I got around to swatching one of them!  I've deliberately not done the heaven and earth palette as it seems like the rest of the world has already reviewed that one, although I might still review it in the future as I do think it's an amazing palette.

So here's the dusk till dawn palette - as you can see, there's a real mix of colours here which I really like.  It's a mix of some quite neutral colours alongside colours which really pop.  All of the colours have some shimmer  to them.

Here's the first half of the palette - I really like all of these colours but my favourite is the dusky pink on the top right.  I wasn't sure about the two silver looking shades in the middle and thought I wouldn't wear them, but swatched they're more grey and have quite a depth of colour to them for a good smoky eye.

The second half of the palette has another good mix with a nice hi-light colour in the top left and much darker colours on the bottom row - I would probably smudge these on as eyeliners or just use a tiny bit in the crease with some lighter colours.  My favourite here is the dusky lilac colour in the top middle.  

The quality of the eyeshadows is pretty good - as you can see most of the colours are very pigmented.  It's hard to believe this only costs £4 from Superdrug.  I usually steer clear of 'cheap' makeup brands but I'm beginning to see that MUA is a clear exception to that rule!

Have you tried any of the MUA pro range yet?  I also have the heaven and earth palette plus starry night and poptastic which were given to me at 'the only way is blogging' event in July so I have some more swatching to do!

28 Aug 2011

Little updates

Not much excitement this week but here goes

I picked up all matter of randomness at the £1 shop.  I hadn't been in quite a while.  Check out the Compeed cold sore medicine for £1 - I tend to get at least one cold sore every winter and Compeed is normally like £7! The green thing is a jelly mould

My new owl iphone cover - this was £10 from Accessorize 

I also got this hat reduced in their sale

And I couldn't resit this cute range with owls and squirrels on it so I got a note book for blogging ideas

and the matching pen

and a nice handbag sized make-up bag - too cute!

My brother came back to Spain and he bought me this =) I've always quite fancied this bag in this pattern even though I may look a bit like a poser when I use it!

This week I've also been getting really addicted to Pinterest - if you don't know what it is, have a look at my post here

Instead of new blogs to follow this week, I'd like to invite some newer bloggers to be a guest poster on flutter and sparkle.  I'm going on holiday for a week from 8 September and have already invited a few people to guest post, but if there are any other newish bloggers who would be interested drop me an email to fluttersparkle@gmail.com 

26 Aug 2011

Weight watchers update

I'm so in and out of love with weight watchers even I don't know if I'm doing it or not half the time!  The past week or so I've really tried to get back into counting points religiously and even planning meals - highly unusual behaviour for me!

Dorset cereals muesli with fresh strawberries 7pp

I love watermelon in summer - could possibly eat my own weight of the stuff

Massive box of strawberries (we'd eaten about half by the time I took the photo) for £3.99

Scallop spaghetti recipe from September WW magazine - 9pp

Chicken wrapped in pancetta from the September WW magazine - tasted nicer than it looks!  10pp 

Homemade strawberry and banana smoothie

Tried out WW custard - tastes very synthetic and totally lacks any of the creaminess of custard.  Wouldn't buy this again.

Cheesy haddock Florentine from September WW magazine - 10pp 

I served it with roasted sweet potato wedges - 4pp for 150g

My new favourite breakfast - WW blueberry muffin - 4pp

So far they seem exclusive to Asda which is a shame because that's the furthest supermarket from where I live

I tried out some of the new bars available in class - both rather nice.  I liked the nuts and berry one much more than I expected - very fruity and tastes indulgent for only 2pp

I went a bit mad in the £1 shop after I found all of this weight watchers food!

I tried out WW wraps - not bad for 3pp

I used them to make this little lunchtime pizza with tomato puree, red onions cooked in balsamic vinegar, pancetta and mozzarella - it was amaze! 

And finally an apple freshly picked from a tree outside and sprinkle with cinnamon - a lovely 0pp treat

I only lost 1/2lb this week, but that's better than putting on =)

Who else is still doing WW?

25 Aug 2011

Leopard nails tutorial (requested)

I know that I didn't invent leopard nails done in this way, I know that I wasn't even early to the party, but I was asked by several people to do a tutorial after publishing this post, so your wish is my command.

Apologies for the uber-raggedy dry cuticles that show up so badly in these photos!

Start off by having your nails painted a plain base colour.  Any colour you like can work for leopard nails.

Then, choose a contrasting second colour and paint some splodges - no neatness required here, keep it random

Next take your nail art pen or brush dipped in paint

Draw around one side of one of your splodges, about a third of the way

Then draw round another third, leaving a little gap between the two lines

Add the third line in the same way, all with little gaps

Complete the for the rest of your splodges

One nail all done

If you like, add some extra little dots and lines to fill some of the gaps

Repeat on the other nails - easy peasy

Apply topcoat and you're done!

I hope you like =)

24 Aug 2011

Listen up, I have something Pinteresting to say...

If you've never heard of Pinterest, I'm about to introduce you to one heck of a treat!

I think every blogger knows what weheartit is - it's a site where people share pretty and inspirational pictures.  It might be their own picture or one they found online.  It's nice to go on weheartit and type in something general like 'pink' and then gorge on page after page of pretty pictures that pop up.  

It's a good site to use when you want to add a pretty picture to brighten up a text only post, and it's great for finding beautiful or cute images for your sidebar.

Pinterest is similar to wehearit in that it's also full of very pretty pictures, but it's better in so many ways. Here's the same search for 'pink' done on Pinterest.  

As you can see, you get more results filling your screen plus you can just scroll down through loads of images rather than clicking through pages.  Also, you can click on an image to see who has 'pinned it' (added it to pinterest) and who has 'repinned it' (I'll come on to that) or 'liked it'.  You can also read comments about the picture too.  

When you click on an image you can view it bigger and if you click it again, you are taken to the source of the image on the original website or blog.  I know that ownership of images can be an issue with weheartit, so I think this is a major plus for pinterest - also you might want to find out more about the image especially if it's a hit pair of shoes you'd like to buy or a cake you'd like to bake.  

As well as viewing images that match your search, you can view boards.  Boards are collections of images which have been pinned together by pinterest users because they match a common theme.  Here are some of the boards for the search 'pink'.  

You can click on a board and view all of the images that a particular user has pinned under the theme 'pink'.  If you really like the images a user pins, you can follow them and any new pins will appear in your news feed. 

After you register with pinterest you can create your own boards.  I think it's a good idea if you're gathering ideas for a new hairstyle, a wedding or baby shower, home decorating ideas or even as a wishlist for Christmas or Birthdays.  You can either 'repin' an image you've seen on Pinterest to one of your own boards or you can pin an image from anywhere online or even upload your own.  

These are some of my boards so far.

If you want to have a closer look at some of my boards and pins click here

As a blogger, it's also another way to create more awareness of your blog as if some of your images are on Pinterest people may click on them for a closer look and link through to your blog.  Even if you're not using Pinterest, you might find someone has already pinned some images from your blog!

I've only been using Pinterest since Sunday, so there are probably other great features for me to find (it seems that you can message other users in an @ reply a little bit like twitter but I've not really worked that out properly yet) but I can confirm that I'm already completely addicted.  I've added Pinterest to my home page tabs on my laptop and I've got the iphone app.  I also add a little browser app which helps you pin new images from other websites really easily - if you've ever used polyvore image clipper it's similar (but I often found my polyvore clipper didn't work on a lot of sites).  

Pinterest can link to twitter and facebook so you can follow people you already know on those sites who are using Pinterest and you can share pins to your twitter or facebook status too (not that I've done that, considering the amount I've pinned since Sunday I think I'd have ended up in twitter jail!).  So if you already have Pinterest and I follow you on twitter, you'll find me stalking your pins =) 

As if I didn't waste enough time online already....  enjoy, and if you get addicted, sorry, I warned you!

 Oh...and don't even get me started on the food porn!

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