4 Aug 2011

apple cinnamon and chocolate flapjack recipe

A little while back I showed you some photos of my baking adventures and promised I'd get round to giving more recipes, so here are my apple cinnamon chocolate flapjacks =)

You will need 

250g butter
250g demerara sugar
175g golden syrup
425g porridge oats
2 apples
2tsps cinnamon
100g milk chocolate

Melt the butter over a medium heat with the sugar and syrup

Chop or grate your apples (remove the core / stalk)

Once the ingredients have melted, stir in the porridge oats and apple

Press the mixture into a suitably flapjack sized baking tin or two

Bake in the oven for about half an hour - check it regularly, I burnt mine a bit!

Leave the flapjacks to cool for a bit before chopping and removing from the tin

Cut off any burnt bits if necessary... ooops!

Melt the milk chocolate in the microwave.  Do this slowly on half power or it will burn.  Drizzle over your flapjack chunks.

There you go - let me know if you give it a try and manage not to burn them like me!

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  1. These look absolutely amazing! Especially with the chocolate on top! x

  2. These look so gorgeous, I love flapjack!! xx


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