1 Aug 2011

Aussie miracle moist shampoo and conditioner review

If you read my blog or tweets, you'll probably have heard me go on before about my nightmare hair, so I'll only briefly recap on that now.  I have a seriously odd and awkward combination of roots that get greasy quickly and look lank, together with mids and ends that can be dry and straw-like.  It leaves me completely baffled about what hair products to buy, so generally, I just keep trying new things all the time!

When the shampoo I'm using comes towards the end, I'll usually have a search around to see if there's anything new out, or I'll ask others for recommendations.  This time someone on twitter suggested the Aussie miracle moist range, so I picked some up in Boots and gave it a go. 

For a start, the shampoo smells amazing, so I really enjoyed using it.  It smells fruity and floral at the same time - absolutely gorgeous.  It lathers up easily without having to use a lot, which is sometimes a problem for my greasy roots when using other shampoos.  

The shampoo is larger than the conditioner, which isn't the right ratio for me as I always run out of conditioner before shampoo when the bottles as the same size, so the conditioner ran out long before the shampoo with these.  Maybe this means I use the wrong amount of product?  I do like to slap conditioner on to my mid-lengths and ends!

My hair did feel more moisturised than before after using these products, but not by as much as I'd hoped for.  The shampoo didn't make any difference to how greasy my roots would become within 24 hours, but nothing I've ever tried does, so I wasn't expecting that anyway.  

I think I probably should have got a more heavy duty conditioner to go with this shampoo rather than the coordinating product as my hair is really damaged at the mids and ends and needs hardcore moisture.  I won't buy this shampoo again as I always choose something different to try, but I will miss the beautiful smell from when I was washing my hair with these.  If you have 'normal' hair or close to it, I'd definitely recommend giving these a try as I think they are good, just not a match for my rebellious barnet.  

Next up I'm trying out a Dove shampoo and conditioner and will review that in a couple of weeks.  Any other recommendations for me? 

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  1. I bought the travel sized version of this shampoo at the weekend, glad to see it moisturises well! :) xx

  2. aww i know exactly how you feel my hairs ridiculously greasy and i have to wash it every day :( try loreal elvive nutri gloss light, its the one for fine hair that gets greasy its doing okay for me atm :) xx

  3. I love using aussie. It's literally my favourite thing ever. I love how many people comment on how nice and smooth my hair looks (and the boy doesn't half love how it smells!).
    I have never been able to get on with Dove. It irritates me scalp but I do have friends that use it and like it.
    As for a recommendation, I strongly recommend getting the 3 minute miracle from Aussie. You will not look back. I know it says to leave it on for only three minutes but I like to leave it on whilst I mess around with exfoliating and shaving y legs and stuff. Then, just before you wash it out, pull a comb through it. Rinse it out (I often feel like I'm in one of those Herbal Essence adverts with the 'yes! Yea! Oh yes!' moments at this point!) and style as usual. I you're anything like me, you'll be in love!


  4. I love the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor. Its amazing, it smells just like the miracle moist shampoo but is deeply conditioning and leaves hair silky soft!!
    I tend to use it more as a regular conditioner than a treatment :-)
    x x

  5. I love the smell of the Aussie products but my scalp just does not get on with them which is a shame!

  6. I love the Aussie products but I can only use them like once or twice a week as my hair just stops liking them if I use them too often. They smell amazing though! xx

  7. I do love the smells of the Aussie range and have used it now and then over the years, but I find the shampoo a little too heavy and overly moisturising, whereas the conditioner (even the original, not the light version) is too gentle and light. I want the shampoo to cleanse my hair and the conditioner to moisturise, not the other way round - gahhh! I would deffo recommend the 3 minute miracle mask though - works wonders :-)
    My favourite shampoo and conditioner is Kerastase (the green line!) but as it's so pricey I don't always buy it. At the moment I'm loving Tresemme Naturals xx

  8. The thing that's helped my hair the most when it comes to not getting greasy is using a Lush shampoo bar called Squeaky Green. Also something which I've only recently discovered is you should squeeze the water out of your hair before putting conditioner in and I tend to run my hands through my hair as a sort of comb to help it get evenly distributed.

  9. @Sophie Lou - thank you, I don't think I've tried that one

    @our lily, Jen and Lydia - thanks for the suggestion of the 3 minute miracle - sounds like I definitely need to try that

    @Sparkles - I have tried a Lush shampoo bar before but it was called something else, so maybe squeaky green is a different one. Thanks for the tips =)

    Thanks everyone xx

  10. I love this shampoo but dont use the matching conditioner. I tend to use John Frieda conditioners and they really suit my hair ... i personally hated the Dove haircare range and found my hair ended up far greasier than usual :(



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