17 Aug 2011

autumn fashion wish list so far....

Call me a freak, give me evils, do what you want, but I heart autumn/winter a million times more than spring/summer when it comes to clothes.  I just do and I'll never change.  I get so excited come July / August when the new Next catalogue comes out and magazines start featuring what's going to be in the shops for autumn.  Summer can bore off, you can't beat snuggly woolies, coloured tights, knee-high boots, scarves, hats, long sleeves, coats...

Here's what's on my 'can't wait to buy' list


Gorge grey blazer (you may recognise this from my Liverpool OOTD - Penny was wearing it)

It has elbow patches which I love

I also need it in black
I love long sleeved dresses and I'm considering this one - it's not a colour I'd usually go for but I like the style and the only other two colours are black or a fox / rust colour and I already have very similar dresses in both of those colours

I'm always looking for the perfect knee-high boots - one high heeled black, one flat black and one tan - it's a never-ending mission as I have very chubby calves and most boots don't fit me.  I sometimes have better luck with over-the-knee boots as they're wider to go over your knee (obvs) and I have fairly normal sized knees (honest)

More long sleeved wondrous casual dresses (and they're only £9.99) - I'd wear these with leggings, and cardigans and / or scarves and knee-high boots

I have lots of tan belts but I'm absolutely sure that I need this one - it would go so well with jumper dresses or the dresses above
I'm very vocal when H&M upset me, but I'm also fair - I'm loving some of their autumn range and really like that they now send out a catalogue - I think I found pieces I'd otherwise not have spotted online or instore.  More shops should have catalogues I reckon


I love the detail on this shirt so much - can't wait to wear it tucked in to my favourite navy trousers

Miss Selfridge

I don't necessarily want this dress, but I love the mix of colours.  I'd love to add some mustard tights to my wardrobe but I don't think they'd be very flattering!

This ensemble is true love to me - I want the whole thing - I adore the shape and colour of the dress - it looks like it would be super flattering on a curvy shape and the matching with the tights in a different tone of the same colour finished with the navy shoes is just fab.  I need this in my life now.

I really like this dress too although I'm not sure how that neckline will work on me seeing as I'm of the more boobalicious variety - I'll give it a go and find out.  I'd pair this with much more exciting tights, probably forest green.

Dorothy Perkins 

I really like these tops as I've fallen back in love with trousers lately and love a nice tucked in smart top / shirt.  I like the material and style of these and they're perfect colours for me as I love a bit of navy and tan.  I think they're a bit pricey at £30 each....  I just flicked over to the DP site to check that these were £30 and not £35 and I found they're reduced to £21 - get in my basket!

The tan / rust one also now £21 =)
Now before you think I've gone mad, allow me to explain.  Yes, the following are sleeveless dresses, yes I have a sleeveless clothing ban and yes I'm talking about Autumn clothes.  I'd never wear these as they're intended - I'd pair them with cardigans and jackets or a long sleeved top underneath and of course, fabulous coloured tights



These are currently £39.50 down to £30 - hoorah

I'm so excited for this lot and all the other lovely Autumn stuff that's hitting the shops - pay day can't come fast enough this month!

Do you love autumn / winter too?  Come on, surely I'm not alone!

If you'd like to add to my shopping fund to help me get my autumn wardrobe, please have a peek at my blog sale here


  1. Yep, I'll have what you're having! Gorgeous stuff! x

  2. I own the cream dress and first H&M boots, they are such good buys!! Buy them! i love love love the DP blouses! xxx

  3. I love everything! Especially that Next blouse it looks gorgeous! xx

  4. I would quite like the whole of your wishlist too please? Ha-ha especially the grey blazer and the blue miss selfridge dress - absolutely adore both of those :)


  5. Love the blazer with elbow patches - I need this in my life! I just bought a gorgeous chunky knit cardy from Zara with patches - definitely going to be my trend this autumn/winter :) Also loving the boots-never think to look in H&M for boots1 XX

  6. I love autumn clothes! I had a list of things i really wanted after window shopping on the Internet but when I went to try everything on in the shops I hated it all! I love those dresses though, you're right some sleeveless summer dresses you can wear in winter with tights and a jumper/cardigan xx

  7. I have the red h&m dress and I love it, good lenght and I love that colour!

  8. Thanks for all the encouraging comments.... I think! Somehow the seal of approval you've just given me has increased my urge to shop 100%!!

  9. I love the black blazer! I also love all the warm dresses that come out in autumn and the navy and rust colour that comes with it too... For the dorothy perkins top I would say rust! But also I'd want the navy too!! I love the navy dress from Miss Selfridge with the embellishment on it!! Even now in summer you feel like your still in winter clothing but I cant wait to get into my wooly jumpers and use all my lovely scarves again!!!


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