20 Aug 2011

Baby botox before and after review

Not everyone will agree with this, but some people will be interested to see the effects and process I'm sure.  

I've had deep lines across my forehead for years - I think they're more hereditary and related to frowning a lot rather than age as I first noticed them when I was about 18 or 19.  I had a look at my little brother's forehead up close the other day and he had really deep lines too - he's only 22.  

Here's the offending area 

At rest

Raising eyebrows

It was quite hard to get them to show up on camera in the same detail that I can see them in the mirror in the 'at rest' pose, so here I've high-lighted the lines I'm talking about 

They've always bothered me and I'd been considering botox for a long time but I was also worried it could go wrong and I could look like a constantly surprised fool.  When I heard about baby botox (and after I got over the shock of thinking it was botox for children) I realised that this botox-lite for beginners was probably for me.  

Once I saw it advertised as being available at a local salon, I spent a bit of time thinking about it more seriously and then I decided to take the plunge.  The salon employed a proper Doctor who takes appointments at the salon on Saturdays and Tuesday evenings.  I took my friend along with me for some moral support and to take a photo of botox being injected.  

I didn't catch the Doctor's real name as I had already decided he would be called Doctor Needle.  He found it quite funny and joking around certainly relaxed me and stopped me form being too nervous.  Sadly Doctor needle didn't want his photo taken but allowed a shot of his hand.  

As you might be able to see, he had drawn some dots on my face to mark out where he would inject.  I think I had about 8 injections.  In all honesty, it didn't hurt.  I was really expecting it would but you could hardy feel anything - it hurt less than an injection in you might get in your arm.  The last injection hurt a little bit but I think that was because he had to apply a little more pressure maybe.  

After the treatment I went home and snapped another quick pick of me doing my best frowning / raised eyebrows while I still could.  As you can see I don't have bleeding, bruising or any other side effects.  Doctor Needle advised me there were a few simple rules I had to follow that evening (such as not lying down for at least 3 hours after the treatment) to make sure that the botox could spread evenly.  

I was told that I would see changes within a few days and that the results would continue to improve for up to two weeks.  

After a few days I could certainly see a difference 

Here's me raising my eyebrows and look I can only make a few fairly lame creases!

And in the 'at rest' pose you can still see lines (not a great picture as the flash is reflecting) but they're less defined

 After a week I was really pleased with the results I could see

Looking almost completely smooth here - the 'line' on the top right of my face is a stray hair!  

Raising my eyebrows hardly has any effect on creases

Even my best frowns and angry faces can't produce a forehead wrinkle!

 One slight negative thing I did notice at this stage was a change in my eyebrows - they became more arched and in my opinion I looked slightly evil!  Everyone else told me they couldn't notice any difference though, so I think it was quite subtle.  Also the 'lifted' eyebrow effect is quite flattering despite adding a touch of the sinister to my appearance.  

Finally, a little over two weeks, and I'm pretty much wrinkle free!   Ignore the pesky hair that got in the way!

The baby botox cost me £90 and can last between 3 and 5 months depending on the individual.  The cost of £90 is per area, so I considered my forehead to be one area.  I was told I also needed botox between my eyebrows and I protested I didn't as there were no wrinkles there.  Docotor Needle explained it is necessary to put some botox in the between brows area when adding it to the forehead otherwise you can encounter some sort of dreadful eyebrow drooping.  Because of this my treatment should have been £180 but the lovely Doctor Needle still did it for £90 as that is what I had been expecting to pay.  

Although I've explained that I can no longer create the deep lines when I frown or raise my eyebrows, I haven't got that 'frozen face' look.  I can raise my eyebrows, look sad / surprised / angry etc, just when I do my forehead doesn't crease up!  I've told plenty of people I've had it done, it's no secret to me, but nobody that I haven't told has noticed / noticed before I told them if you see what I mean, so in my opinion there were no negative effects, only positives.  

Would I have it done again?  For £90 probably, for £180 possibly not.  I think I'll wait and see just how long it actually lasts and how upset I feel when my face returns to normal!  

The salon I went to is local to me and not a chain or anything, but for anyone who's interested it was So Be Beauty

If anyone wants to know anything else about the treatment I had done just let me know and I'll be happy to answer questions as best I can.


  1. Wow! These results are amazing! I've never thought about botox yet because at the moment I don't think I need it, but these results just show how effective it can be, especially if you're self concious about forehead lines or something. It's also great you didnt get any bruising and that! You look lovely in the photos x

  2. Great results you look fab. Botox is something i would consider when the time comes xx

  3. Such a small world, I go to So Be and was talking to one of the girl's in there the other day about Botox. My forehead is ridiculous and I need something sooner rather than later! Thank's for sharing this post doll x

  4. Fantastic results, I'm surprised how cheap it was! I guess if you need to go every 3 months it could turn out to be a bit expensive!

    Hopefully your results will last for the latter timescale! x

  5. wow, what results! Thankyou for sharing! Though I would be freaked out by the needle x

  6. I'm not going to lie - the face pulling was my favourite part of this post ;-)

    It's interesting to see the results of baby botox though, I've got some lines in my forehead that are ok at the moment but will almost definitely get more obvious in the next few years so it's definitely something I'd consider in the future. I was a bit wary of the 'frozen face' look but your results look great! x

  7. Oooh interesting post and the results are amazing.
    I've always thought it'd be really painful. Hope it lasts a good amount of time!

  8. I am so glad you finally did this post, got quite excited when I read before you were going to. I have wrinkles on my forehead that I hate and I really want to get baby botox too so I think you might have just swayed me xx

  9. Wow the results are amazing! Id be too much of a wimp to go for it as Ive had enough of needles lol, but thats £90 well spent!! xx

  10. Seems like the treatment worked great for you:)
    I recently decided to do such a treatment because every person that did it looks great, friends or other people I know.
    I decided to choose the best clinic in town because from others' experience this seems to be recommended. I chose Skin Vitality from Toronto and I hope my treatment will be as beautiful as yours....

  11. Bit late I know- just found this post! But, wow... I'm impressed that stuff really makes a difference (not that you needed it or anything!)

    Lizzie xx

  12. Last monday (5th November) I had my first dabble of botox my crows feet. I dont drink smoking or do drugs but am a sunworshiper. Im 47 years old today and dont look it. I expect I do have good genes. Originally I was very scared of needles in my face well felt a few pin pricks but thats all. Ive noticed that my wrinkles have slightly faded am due to go back on 19th for maybe a topup. We do live in a age were your appearance is very important. Have considered having my lips and brow done next time. Im very lucky I dont bruise or scar. Money well spent! Chrissie xx


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