28 Aug 2011

Little updates

Not much excitement this week but here goes

I picked up all matter of randomness at the £1 shop.  I hadn't been in quite a while.  Check out the Compeed cold sore medicine for £1 - I tend to get at least one cold sore every winter and Compeed is normally like £7! The green thing is a jelly mould

My new owl iphone cover - this was £10 from Accessorize 

I also got this hat reduced in their sale

And I couldn't resit this cute range with owls and squirrels on it so I got a note book for blogging ideas

and the matching pen

and a nice handbag sized make-up bag - too cute!

My brother came back to Spain and he bought me this =) I've always quite fancied this bag in this pattern even though I may look a bit like a poser when I use it!

This week I've also been getting really addicted to Pinterest - if you don't know what it is, have a look at my post here

Instead of new blogs to follow this week, I'd like to invite some newer bloggers to be a guest poster on flutter and sparkle.  I'm going on holiday for a week from 8 September and have already invited a few people to guest post, but if there are any other newish bloggers who would be interested drop me an email to fluttersparkle@gmail.com 


  1. Glad you cleared up what the green thing was haha! Love the cute owl things from accesorize too!!

  2. aww the owl phone case is too cute =] xx

  3. You can find some great bargains in the Poundshop, love your owl iphone case too, so cute! x

  4. Heya :)

    I deleted twitter a while ago which is why you cant find me on it :).

    There were numerous reasons but mostly I just got sick of being judged constantly, plus im way too busy to tweet or do anything other than work and sleep (I work pretty much 24/7).

    I love the hat :). whenever I see a hat im always reminded of you and your hat obsession.


  5. I love £1 shops. I can spend hours in them!

  6. I love finding bargains in the pound shop! Accessorize always have such adorable things, I love the sales there too. Pintrest is amazing! I received my invitation to join yesterday but I've had to ban myself from it for a few days as I'm so busy. I'll be sure to heck yours out once the ban is over though x

  7. Fab buys, I especially love the iPhone cover, too cute!!


  8. oh i love everything you got that iphone cover is awesome :D

    shel xx

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments xx


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