9 Aug 2011

Liverpeeeewl weekend - the outfits

I never do outfit of the day posts - mainly because I'm scared they'll look rubbish, also because I haven't gotten around to figuring out how to use my little gorilla tripod or the timer setting on my camera, and often I get out the door with no seconds to spare for taking photos!  Because of this, I thought I'd take this little opportunity to do a OOOTLW (that's our outfits of the Liverpool weekend, obvs) post!

First up - the train journey

Here's Cheryl wearing a white linen maxi dress and a really nice jersey stripey blazer - I think she said these were from Zara

This is Zara going all "the only way is Essex" on us in a "Sha Up!" vest from Dorothy Perkins and her lush new handbag

Here I am looking cheesy in a Dorothy Perkins dress, Next demin shirt and leggings and Primark shoes

Heather's wearing a blazer from H&M and a coral and grey bird print scarf from Primark

Penny's got her OOTD pose down!  Hmmm I wonder if she's done this before?!  She's wearing a jersey blazer from H&M which I really want to get - it has elbow patches which you can't see in the photo.  Check out that amaze orange Birkin too!

Zara and I realised on the train that we were wearing the same shoes!

Our Friday night out was for a cocktail making lession at Revolution Bar followed by some other random bars

I told the girls to pose for this set of photos, so here's Cheryl getting involved - I forgot to ask what she was wearing, ooops

Another amazing pose from Penny - forgot to ask what she was wearing too, but I know that those shoes are Louboutins!

From a fab pose to a rather shite one - I'd had a few drinks so let me off!  This is what happens when you get someone else to snap your OOTD - they cut your legs off!  It's a shame because I was wearing my new Steve Madden shoes!  I'm also wearing an asos sheer black bow top and a nude pleated skirt from Next with my Topshop butterfly bag,

Zara's looking happy in a black and orange butterfly print Dorothy Perkins dress

Ultimate posing from Heather in her hot Matalan playsuit - fab accessorizing with the "I love vodka" lanyard.  We were all really jel of Heather's natural looking golden spray tan

And let's not forget Heather's gorgeous "Liverpool" shoes from Zara

The next day we went shopping and the braver girls in the bunch had fish pedicures.  I forgot to take pictures of what we wore other than this one of Heather in another hot playsuit.  This one is from Primark.

That night we went for dinner and coctails at Alma De Cuba followed by some more drinking in a few other places

This is the asos dress which I spent quite a while deliberating over.  Really glad I went with it in the end, I liked how the look turned out and can't wait to wear this dress again.  I'm also wearing a gold asos star belt and multi-coloured platform wedges from an ebay shop.  They don't quite 'go' but I love it anyway.

Heather's wearing an asos dress too in navy blue with gold Matalan shoes

And here's Zara rocking some more Dorothy Perkins in this pretty embellished ruffle dress

I forgot to ask Penny and Cheryl to pose, but you can sort of see their outfits in this photo.  Cheryl had some lovely Topshop heels with a black bow but they're not in any of my photos =(

Aha I managed to google a pic - Cheryl had the black ones - aren't they gorgeous?

We all wore some lashes for our Saturday night out, so I got everyone to pose again for a close-up

I love Penny's lashes - so black and bold and perfectly applied

Zara actually has really long eyelashes and I often think she's wearing falsies when she's not so I had to tweet her to check the sitch in this photo!  She confirmed she was wearing falsies by Ardel.

Heather doing a nice lash pose in the new Superdrug lashes - they're just called "Lash"

These are the new Superdrug lashes I'm talking about

Cheryl bought these in Boots - I'm not sure what brand but we thought they made her eyes look like the statue of liberty crown!

I'm also wearing the Superdrug "Lash" lashes.  I've not applied them very well - I'm hopeless at getting them straight and really close to my lash line - I think I need to look into those new ones with the strings that I've seen on a couple of blogs lately.

And finally me on a sleepy Sunday lunchtime travelling home.  I'm wearing H&M oversized sunnies, an asos blazer and a new top from Primark which will be appearing in a haul post soon...

There you have it, the first ever OOTDs on my blog!  Hope you enjoyed them.


  1. There are some amazing outfits on show there! I couldn't possibly pick a favourite! I do adore your colour block wedges though x

  2. I have some serious outfit envy going on right now!! You all have some lovely clothes!

    Weirdly, I just brought the dress yesterday in the sale that you are wearing at the train station! I just blogged about my haul here http://bit.ly/qiiIcn


  3. Im rubbish at applying lashes too and I got them ones with strings on... they are really good but you have to be really careful with them as the loop which you put the string through can easily break and then you cant use them again... But really good if you are careful!!! Loved this post looking at all the outfits!! :) x

  4. Great OOTD post! I love Love Love your coloured platforms, sooooo pretty! You look lovely x x

  5. Lovely outfits, I really enjoyed this post! It looks like you had a fab time :) x

  6. haha I know what you mean about those eyelashes looking like the Statue of Liberty! I think your eyelashes are the nicest to be honest, I like the long fluttery look but I'm rubbish at applying them so I never wear them! My favourite outfits are the pink dress and the last one with the blazer. The colour of the blazer and the top go really nice together. Do you happen to remember what necklace you were wearing? It looks so dainty and cute. Also, I love wearing those ballet flats with bows on, best shoes ever!

  7. That orange berkin is AMAZING! Great Outfits:D

  8. Wowzer, what a treat of a post - LOVE all of the outfits :D

    P.s I WANT your friends blazer so bad!


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