12 Aug 2011

My first elf order - 50% off haul =)

I've been thinking about ordering from elf for a while, so when the 50% offer came up I rushed online to snap up some goodies before they went out of stock!  Here's what I got all for about £25!

I'm excited to try out the HD and mineral booster powders after them being recommended to me and the two brushes I'm trying out look really nice too.  I was a bit disappointed with the polishes at first look - the colours looked completely different and so much nicer on the elf website =( Maybe they'll be nicer on than they look in the bottles

Reviews coming up soon!  What are your favourite elf products?


  1. That is an amazing haul i bet you were excited when the postman brought this!XXX

  2. I've just recently bought my first E.L.F products!! They took so long to come though as E.L.F was over run by customers!! Thanks to Garry though he picked up all my stuff haha! I love it when they tell you who picked your stuff!! xx

  3. I've yet to order from ELF, but definetly would of done if it was 50% off, do they do it often or was it a one time thing? :)

  4. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the polishes once you've tried them - I've gotta say, I've been pretty disappointed in the few I've got (one of which being the same as yours - Mod Mauve? I was gutted when it arrived - looks NOTHING like the pic on the site does it!?)


  5. Wow you got some great stuff, I love E.L.F!


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