6 Aug 2011

My little girls' weekend in Liverpool

You may have heard me going on about my Liverpool weekend on the blog and on twitter - I was looking for tips on what to do when we were there and I had a few outfit dilemmas!  Well it all went down last weekend and here's a photo summary...

This is the Liverpool gang hanging out at the Albert Docks (I'm second on the left).  The weekend was organized by Zara for her birthday - she's on the far left next to me.

We stayed in some little apartments near China Town - they were really quite nice

We had a living room and kitchen as well as two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The only issue was the lack of mirrors!

It wasn't the classiest place though - one morning I popped outside the apartment door to use my phone and was greeted with this sight down the hall!  It's like an outdoors balcony type hall fyi!

Obviously I ran back inside to tell the others to come and have a look and Heather, who's a lot braver than me / mental, snuck up for a close-up shot of our early morning squatters.  Looks comfy...

The view of the crack den across the road from our balcony, and further in the distance the vampire castle (okay we're not sure it was really a crack den but the scary building shrouded in fog was defs a vampire castle)

We did a little open top bus tour

But it was windy and not very exciting

We went to Revolution bar for a cocktail making lesson which I loved (and we all had a little bit too much to drink)

Honorary bartenders for the evening

And what follows drinking?  Drunken antics of course!

Me and Heather just climbing a random cow, perfectly normal behaviour

We also tried out a little owling - much more fun than planking I reckon

This one's more like crowing

Yoga owl

Psycho angry owl

We had a fabulous dinner and cocktails at Alma De Cuba

It's where the TOWIE gang went for a night out when they visited Liverpool a couple of months ago

And I had my first ever fishie pedicure

It was very weird - not for the ticklish! 

And of course, wherever you are in the world, it's always necessary to check out the local Primark

We had such a fun weekend but it went so quickly =(  I will be doing a more detailed post on what we wore, Alma De Cuba, the fish pedicure and the cocktail making lesson over the next week, and one of them even includes my first ever youtube video - eeeek!

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  1. Hahahaha at the photos of the people sleeping, that's too funny xxx

  2. Looks like a great weekend! In the second photo of the guys sleeping, I genuinely thought they were floating in mid air! aha xx


  3. looks like you had an amazing time! i've never been to liverpool but always wanted to go. think i might visit with a few friends like you did =) xx

  4. The random cows are called Lambananas!! Haha xx

  5. wow looks like you all had an awesome time! i had my first fish pedi when i went on holiday, i am quite ticklish but after a while i found it quite soothing!

    shel xx

  6. aww you had a great time. hope i can take a visit down there xo

  7. That really was an amazing psycho angry owl pose... :)
    Looks like you had a fab time x

  8. Hahaha I think you're talking about the Anglican Cathedral, not a castle at all! It's not scary, just annoying on Sunday's because the bells ring and I live right by it! Always interesting to see what other people do when they come to Liverpool; glad you had a good time! x

  9. Looks like a great weekend!

    Love the owling pictures - they make me chuckle! xx

  10. Looked like such an enteraining weekend:) Those owl ones are so funny:)

  11. Can't wait to see your YouTube video Gem! I love your outfits especially the fish pedicure one, I think the shirt makes a nice change to cardigans (which I seem to live in!) and the colour of the dress is gorgeous and really suits your complexion

  12. @Amy @Alice - I know I couldn't believe it when I spotted them - so random!

    @agirlandabeautyblog @cotton2 - you should, you'd have a fab time =)

    @Amy - thanks for that, I had no idea what they were!

    @Irishenchantment - it was weird but I think I would do it again. Going to do a whole post on it soon!

    @worldofbeauty @Elizabeth @Sarah @make-up+moustaches thanks! =)

    @Jade - I didn't realise you live in Liverpool - I should have asked you for some tips! It's definitely a vampire castle, I spotted RPatz hanging out there!

    @sparkles awww thanks Charlotte xx

    Looking forward to doing the rest of my Liverpool posts =)

  13. I looks like you had an amazing time! I'm still laughing at the randomers asleep!


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