14 Aug 2011

Restaurant review - Alma de Cuba Liverpool

When we were in Liverpool we went to an amazing restaurant called Alma de Cuba and I still can't stop wishing I could go back and eat there again - the food was so delish! 

Below is a photo from the Alma de Cuba website as my own didn't come out so well - they drop petals from the roof when the dancing starts! 

We got the idea to go to this restaurant when we saw the cast of Towie and Hollyoaks went there for a night out.  We actually saw someone from Hollyoaks when we were there, but I don't watch it so I didn't know who he was.

I'm was so gutted when I checked out the website and found this place is a one off - I was hoping there would be one in London =(

Here are my photos of the inside of the restaurant and the dancers

Did you see those amazing chandeliers that look like antlers?  Crazy!

We had lots of strawberry daquiris (my fave) and lots of other yummy cocktails (this is Cheryl and Penny)

But it was the food I loved the most - I wasn't sure what to expect from a Cuban restaurant but I found the menu really varied and everything we ate was super tasty and beautifully presented

Confit duck spring rolls with black plum, tomato and chilli jam

Seafood and chorizo risotto 

Tempura king prawn with harissa aioli

King prawn pil pil brochetas 

Massaman thai vegetable curry with king prawns

Pan seared organic salmon fillet, roasted king prawn with honey and thyme braised little gems, parmesan and shallot cream

Massaman thai vegetable curry with chicken breast

Chicken breast, chorizo, crushed potatoes, balsami and sunblush tomato dressing

Even the sides that came with the food were extra special - here's my chicken skewer laid out with the tastiest sweet potato wedges I've ever had (wish I knew what they did to them) and fine beans in chilli and soy 

This has made me so hungry just looking at these again, just as well we're about the have a barbeque! 


  1. I'm really regretting clicking on this post as I am sooo hungry! The food looks amazing! x

  2. New Follower! :)

    This club looks amazing and the food looks lush!
    And mmmm I love strawberry daquiris :)


  3. Mm this food looks amazing, shame Liverpool is so far away!! xx


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