16 Sept 2011

Guest post: Water decal NOTD with Models Own Becca's Brown

Leanne also kindly guest posted for me but nobody could see the pictures she took to show the water decal nail transfer process, what a shame! I've now fixed things, so here's the post again as it should have been the first time around.  I'm so sorry Leanne x

I'll be away on holiday until next Friday, so flutter and sparkle is being taken over by a series of lovely guest bloggers.  First up is Leanne - she blogs over at a slice of my life so check her out =)

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Hi all, my name is Leanne and I blog over at A Slice of My Life, feel free to come say hi! I was very pleased when Gemma contacted me and asked me if I’d be interested in doing a guest post for her, I’m chuffed that she thinks I’m worthy to grace these pages!

I was originally going to do a Konad NOTD, but I completely failed as I didn’t have any of the Konad
special nail varnishes, basically I thought it would be a doddle and it wasn’t! I’ve since ordered some
so hopefully I’ll get to grips with it soon!

Instead I will be showing you my latest nail purchases, water decals.

I ordered these off this eBay seller for £1.99. They do take a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of them they are a very easy way to jazz up a dull mani. I had Models Own Becca’s Brown on my nails which had chipped as I’d been wearingit in the office all week. I didn’t have time to do a whole fresh mani so decided to brighten up my stale nails.

I used:

Top coat, a sharp object to scrape excess from the side, nail clippers to trim the top, the decals themselves and some water.

Cut out the decals that you want to use and roughly trim them down to size. I just wanted to do an accent finger so just cut out two.

I held the one that I wanted to use in a glass of water for about 10 seconds and peeled the transfer away from the backing. (think of your childhood fake tattoos). I then carefully placed the decal in the position that I wanted it on my nail.

I applied top coat immediately and then waited for it to dry.

Once it had dried I carefully clipped away any excess with my nail clipper and scraped any off the sides. Be careful not to pull when doing this as it will drag the whole transfer off.

I then add another top coat for security reasons!!

I added another coat of Becca’s Brown on my other nails to cover up the nasty chips and there you have it, quite a simple and effective way to jazz up an old mani!

P.S. I was in quite a rush to go out and didn’t have time to tidy up! I’m usually the one that you see sitting in the pub scraping the polish from around my nails because I didn't have time to do it in the house! I use the excuse that its therapeutic but really I'm just never organised enough to leave the time to do it!

I hope you enjoyed my guest post here at Flutter and Sparkle and hope to see you over at
A slice of my life 


  1. Not sure if its just me, but the pictures aren't showing up :/

  2. Oh no the pictures didn't show up for me either! Loved the post however! xx


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