17 Sept 2011

My first sky lantern

Hello people - I'm back from my hols!  I have a few holiday related posts to write which will include a few holiday snaps as well as some holiday nails, FOTDs and outfits, but for now, here are some pictures of me and the bf launching our first sky lantern a couple of nights before we went away.  

I'd had two sky lanterns for a while, it must be at least 18 months since I bought them, but I'd never used them.  When I got them they were a new thing so they seemed exciting to try, but being lazy as ever they just gathered a bit of dust.  

I saw lots of sky lanterns up in the air last bonfire night but I hadn't seen one being set off up close, so I was surprised at just how big they are!

Such a pretty glow =)

The bf is 6"2 so you can see how big the lantern is next to him

Our garden lights make it look like it's taking off from a runway!

It takes a while to heat up enough to float


And lift off!



...still going


We had a good few minutes of watching the lantern drift and saw up higher in the sky before it disappeared. Plus one hairy moment when we were worried it might set fire to a tree!  We thought it was going up in a clear area but the wind had some other ideas.

We also both made a wish on the lantern before it disappeared - is that normal or are we big losers?!

I think I'm going to save the second one for bonfire night.



  1. We done one of these in the middle of a campsite at isle of wight fest, thought it was a great idea until the lantern decided to fall onto a tent about 20 metres away and the police came running over to us. :-S xxx

  2. I've got two of these that, like you, I bought about 18 months ago and have been too lazy to use!
    I'm going to attempt to get round to using them on bonfire night!

  3. Please don't use the second one - these end up in fields of livestock/ livestock feed where the wire part can cause horrific injuries to animals, not to mention setting fire to thatched roofs, moorland, hay etc. They are banned in many countries already. Why would you set fire to something and then just let it go to land anywhere?

  4. @anon - I didn't know that they could hurt animals. I'm pretty sure mine burnt out when we saw it disappear and it avoided the tree as I said so I don't think I started any fires, but thanks for the warning. No need to be anon!


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