4 Sept 2011

Planning a baby shower

One of my lovely school chums is having her second baby boy, so I'm helping plan the baby shower with our other mates.  As I've recently discovered pinterest I've been using it to group together inspirational ideas for baby shower themes, decorations, cupcakes etc.  

Here's a little selection of the sort of things we're hoping to do (and also a few amazeballs things that I can only dream of attempting to recreate)

If you want to see the whole pinboard (and also be able to click through to see the source of each of the photos and more info) you can visit my baby shower pinterest board here

fruit pops - the healty alternative to cake pops but just as cute

Balloon garland - such a simple but effective idea

this is our colour choice for the theme - peach and pale turquoise

I want to make these tissue pompoms

Or paper roses 

super sweet ideas for gifts and how to present them

cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and cookies

Cute little sheepies and they seem easy to make too

I've got a mini doughnut maker so I'll definitely do some of these in the theme colours.  I'm just having trouble finding a place to buy peach and turquoise cake sprinkles 

Other decor ideas 

decorate a onesie game

wishes for baby 

I just love having a theme to work with and can't wait to get baking.  I might even attempt whoopie pies!

Do you have any baby shower top tips for me or do you know a site that has a good range of different coloured cake sprinkles where I might be able to get peach or turquoise?  Let me know =)



  1. aww lovely ideas, i dont know if they do but those cheapy little shops that sell food, like poundland etc often have random coloured sprinkles and stuff, its worth a try :)xx

  2. This is such a lovely post!
    Ah, i love your colour ideas, peach and blue...so cute!
    All these photos are beautiful!
    My mummy makes cupcakes, just like some in the photos! aha!
    FOr my baby cousins baby shower, there was a cake made from nappies! :D

  3. Awww super adorable ideas! One really cute idea I've heard of for showers/hen nights etc is to get a really cheap polaroid camera (maybe check ebay) and then you can take lots of gorgeous photos on the day and make little collages either for the mummy to be or just in general and then you'll have some gorgeous momentos to take away from the day :)

    Poundlandd, wilkinsons, asda or good old tesco can amaze you with amazing baking goodies :) although I'dgo quite early on a day because they seem to be snatched up super quickly ha-ha :)


  4. These ideas are just adorable, my absolute favourite is the wishes for the baby, I'd love it if now I could look back at wishes people had written for me before I was born xxx

  5. Wow, such great ideas!
    I'm definitely going to find an excuse to make the sheep cakes, but they all look so yummy!

  6. wow! thanks for all of the great ideas!

  7. wow. i love this post ! such great ideas.
    i am now following your blog, i hope you can follow back.



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